Object As Subject is Free From Human Mortality on New Video for “Temporary Bodies”

Object As Subject 2023 photo
Photo by Brendan Gill

Released just a day before her sophomore album Heretic dropped, singer-songwriter Paris Hurley, under her art-punk project Object As Subject, is back with a new video for “Temporary Bodies.” Having recently relocated to Philadelphia after residing in LA, Hurley continues to create art all about the freedom of being oneself. “Temporary Bodies” is no different, serving as something of a showcase for Hurley’s interests, including but not limited to music, dance, provocation, and deeply personal storytelling.


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There’s no question the track is among the most adventurous on the new album, unafraid to take risks as it ebbs and flows through multiple sections, and never temporarily stops in favor of stretching out a long, distorted dystopian tunnel. Dark techno synths in the first half raise a growing dread for what’s to come before becoming taken over by industrial drums and echoed shouts from Hurley.


As it progresses, the unnerving, almost unholy hypnotic hymns carried throughout retrofit the inspired industrial production into an out-of-body experience caused by tortured pasts. The only thing there to guide the listener through many switch-ups in the production is Hurley’s voice, which eventually leads into an orchestral outro, something straight out of a dramatic film score.

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Appropriately so, the music video is equally perplexing. Primarily set on a windy beach in the daytime, masked women emerge from the sand like crabs and rhythmically move to the scattered digital crashing of the drums. Much like Hurley’s art and dance installations, there are many interpretations to be drawn, but there’s undoubtedly a highly personal meaning at the core. The same is true for the song as a whole, where the holistic originality of her music might alienate those unwilling to give it a chance. That’s not to her downfall, as “Temporary Bodies” and Heretic offer something unique for those looking to heal from past traumas and unresolved presents.


Words: David Sosa

“Temporary Bodies” and Heretic by Object As Subject are out on all streaming services. For more on new music and shows, follow her on Instagram, Bandcamp, and her website.

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