Object as Subject rejuvenate weary souls at the Hi Hat, Highland Park

Object As Subject at Hi Hat – Photo: ZB Images

The Hi Hat in Highland Park was filled with fierce female energy this past Thursday night. Object as Subject lead the full room through a primal rebirth. Their shows begin with Paris Hurley and Emilia “Pony Sweat” Richeson breathing huffs of air on the floor as if they are summoning the Earth’s energy from the depths of eternity. The two then joined their bandmates on stage which was loaded with a battalion of floor toms, a couple bass guitars, a synth, and a bunch of effects pedals.

Object As Subject at Hi Hat – Photo: ZB Images
Object As Subject at Hi Hat – Photo: ZB Images

Object As Subject’s show is a release of that exhumed earth energy in explosive drumming and uninhibited movements. Towards the end of their set, Hurley instructed the crowd to move counter clockwise in a circle in a path of their own lead by Richeson. This ended in a vocal release of all in attendance as they were invited to yell into their circle’s center.

Object as Subjects encourages the release of all the holds us bound to our insecurities and expresses the core of our will to survive. Before this incantation, gothy Boy Deluxe exorcised their own demons in their own dark way. Opening the night was The Groans. Check out the photos below.

Boy Deluxe at Hi Hat – Photo: ZB Images

Photos: Object as Subject, Boy Deluxe, at The Hi Hat

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