Toronto-based DJ and producer BAMBII has dropped another lethal dance track with the release of her latest single “Wicked Gyal” (feat. Lady Lykez). It also arrives in tandem with the announcement of her forthcoming Infinity Club EP which is set to be released this summer on August 4th. This is the second track she’s shared this year and follows her previous single “One Touch,” a darkly dreamy maelstrom of electronic beats. Though she also recently helped imbue Kelela’s Raven with those self-same enigmatic ballistics.


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BAMBII’s latest release also features another stellar collaboration, this time with North London rapper Lady Lykez. “Wicked Gyal” itself is a rhythmic melding of the artist’s myriad influences as jungle, dancehall, and garage collide euphorically and belligerently across the track. One that introduces the unabashed realm the Infinity Club manifests into existence: it’s a place that “knows no age, or social construct. It’s for everyone, everywhere. In all ways, always.”

Full of delicious dynamism and fiery playfulness it can be hard to locate the exact source of the track’s explosive energy. Perhaps it’s the bold confluence of electronic beats and Caribbean influence that punctuate every layer, or maybe it’s the way every bar is delivered at supersonic speeds. One thing’s absolutely undeniable: “Wicked Gyal” syncs its unrelenting vigor to its incendiary lyricism.

“I’m on a wicked gyal ting,” they chant to the heady beat. BAMBII and Lady Lykez give voice to an unapologetic sensuality and ferocity that rattles unbridled within the track. “Wicked Gyal” also comes with a lyric video that fully visualizes its frenetic chaos through a series of scenes that feature actor Pam Grier kicking ass in the 1974 film “Foxy Brown.” Whether she’s throwing a salad bowl onto the head of a stuck-up housewife or throwing down in a bar (with a barstool in hand) the clips provide a blazing vision of the kind of exquisitely “Wicked Gyal” BAMBII is invoking.

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Infinity Club the new EP from BAMBII will arrive on August 4th via Innovative Leisure.

Visit BAMBII on their Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

6/14 – Toronto, ON @ CODA (w/ Jamie xx and REDLINERS)
6/18 – New York, NY @ Hood Rave at Paragon
7/2 – Paris, FR @ Macki Festival
7/7 – Paris, FR @ Wireless Festival
7/14 – Paris, FR @ Gurten Festival

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Wicked Gyal” (feat. Lady Lykez) the new single from BAMBII below!

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