Los Angeles-based Black Polish creates earnestly compelling and heartfelt indie-rock that’s threaded by a vulnerable but revitalizing lyricism that hones in on the experiences of non-binary people. They’ll also be performing at this year’s Echo Park Rising at the Echoplex this Saturday, September 9th for what’s sure to be a cathartically fiery set. Whether you’re already a fan or just hoping to find your next musical fixation at the festival — the driving anthems of Black Polish are going to scratch an existential itch you never knew you had.


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Their most recent single “Purple Skies” is a riveting introduction to the energizing veracity that pulses from Black Polish’s music. Hitching itself to a throbbing invigoration of rubbery bass and frantic drums, the song unfolds as a sprinting escape from frustrating failures at self-love and the oppressive judgment of others.

“There’s faces on the walls around me / sink my nails into their skin,” their gleaming vocals containing a searing rage. “From every side, no air, I’m choking / Shadows ’round me, melting down.” It’s the kind of surging and frenetically emotional song meant for rousing crowds into rapture — so it’ll most certainly be on the setlist when they take the stage this weekend.

Black Polish first started releasing music around two years ago with the release of “Sophie,” splicing alt-rock energy with a melodic bedroom-pop intimacy into a deliriously honest love song. They followed it with the exquisitely raucous “Baby Tonight” — a meteoric rush fueled by the simmer of droning riffs and their giddily anxious howls. Both singles would appear on their stunning debut EP Out of Place alongside the thrumming ruminations of the irresistibly wistful “Sad Lesbians” and “Let’s Go on a Trip.”

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See Black Polish at Echo Park Rising when they perform at the Echoplex this Saturday, September 9th (set time 7:15pm).

Visit Black Polish on their Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Purple Skies” and other music by Black Polish below!

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