Munan gives a dazzling debut on Tranquility — a five-track EP sure to leave you enamored with the rising South Korean-Australian artist’s ebullient brand of indie-rock. He first started sharing the singles that would be included in this collection earlier this year, building on the buoyant guitar-led melodies he first released at the start of his solo project in 2022.

Across the new EP Munan layers an evocative and intoxicating melding of genres, from the psychedelic and the funk-filled to disco. The opening track “Comes in Two” finds him crooning delicately against some choice live-wire riffs and a jubilant rhythm of drum and bass, radiating tireless romance with suave glee.

“Unforgettable Feeling” similarly revels in the melodious impact of heady beats, dreamy guitars, and shimmering instrumentals — keys and horns resounding in warped unison — as he struts earnestly through its groovily ecstatic chorus.

Previous singles like the “Luv Me” appear all the more resplendent alongside the rest of the songs on Tranquility. Revealing Munan as a luminously voiced vocalist who pairs his piercing and alluring cries with lush and sonorous soundscapes.

Other standouts include the sizzling and spacey “Once Upon a Time,” a mesmerizing immersion into the scintillating depths of his sound, and the synth-funky “Mr. Taxi Driver,” which also boasts an absolutely sizzling saxophone solo. By the time you’re finished with the EP it will have delivered on its promise of tranquility — finding yourself weightlessly floating atop the ebb and flow of Munan’s infinitely captivating and comfortingly loving creations.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to Tranquility the new EP from Munan below!