If you’re looking for a concert to see in Los Angeles, look no more. Grimy Goods has handpicked the best concerts happening in Los Angeles for the week of Oct. 2-8, 2023. From local bands in small clubs to world-renowned acts at arenas and iconic venues like the Hollywood Bowl — we have shows for every flavor. From hip hop to indie rock, psych pop, EDM, and more — we got you. Take your pick below!

Oct. 3 — Little Simz at The Novo

Whether firing spitfire lyrics, or dance-worthy flows, Little Simz is an absolute force. Her music combines a unique blend of genres, including hip-hop, R&B, and soul, and her lyrics are often poetic with a knack for raw storytelling. The London-based artist’s live performance offers an unforgettable and thought-provoking musical journey that leaves a lasting impact on your soul. Osiris The God supports.

File this show under: dopeass hip hop.

Tickets to Little Simz at The Novo start at $32.

Oct. 3 — Estevie at El Cid

We are absolutely in love with the dulcet Latina vocals of Estevie. Across her first EP, Estevie fuses together a vibrant assembly of genres — from cumbia and regional to reggaeton — preserving their intoxicating rhythms even as she gilds them in lustrous pop. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter establishes herself as a magnetic representative of the traditional and regional styles that exist as part of her family’s musical heritage on the seven-track collection, while also updating them for a new generation. ERRE opens.

File this show under: rising star you saw first.

Tickets to Estevie are $12.

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Oct. 3 — Fontaines D.C. at the Wiltern

After opening three nights for the Arctic Monkeys at the KIA Forum, Irish rockers the Fontaines D.C. will now headline their own L.A. tour date at the Wiltern. The band delivers a powerful and raw performance that captures their insatiable blend of post-punk and indie rock. Been Stellar will open.

File this show under: fans of UK punk.

Tickets to the Fontaines D.C. start at $32.

Oct. 4 — St. Panther and Satya at Moroccan Lounge

Get ready for some legit smooth grooves. Satya will fill your heart with her gorgeous vocals with music that blends elements of folk, soul, and R&B. While her music feels like a warm embrace, it’s the perfect primer to the dance-inducing electro-R&B experience that St. Panther is known for. Her sultry signature vocals glide seamlessly over an intricate production, often tackling themes of empowerment, self-discovery, and introspection in her lyrics.

File this show under: smooth as grooves for days.

Tickets to St. Panther and Satya start at $15.

Oct. 4 — TwoLips’ Foreshadow Residency at the Goldfish

Multi-hyphenate TwoLips is a sight to see live. If you love dancing, beats and rhymes with an artist that delivers an engaging stage presence, you gotta make it to one of her Wednesday night residency shows at the Goldfish in Highland Park this October. Catch her with RM47, BODACIOUSTHANG and MARLEE XX on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

File this show under: I wanna have a damn good time.

Tickets to TwoLips are $10.

Oct. 4 — Weyes Blood with Perfume Genius at the Greek Theatre

A Weyes Blood concert is a mesmerizing journey through ethereal soundscapes and hauntingly beautiful melodies. Natalie Mering’s enchanting voice, reminiscent of folk legends from the ’60s and ’70s, takes center stage, accompanied by lush orchestration and intricate arrangements. Pair that with the electrifying and emotionally charged performance that showcases the raw, unfiltered talent of Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius), and you have quite the magical live music experience. His stage presence is magnetic, drawing the audience into a world of vulnerability and catharsis.

File this show under: magical and mystical moments.

Tickets to Weyes Blood and Perfume Genius start at $42 and $36 or less.

Oct. 4 — Night Beats with Pearl Charles at the Lodge Room

Two great acts in a small club all in one night, you can’t go wrong here! Formerly operating as a one-man band of Texas native Danny Lee Blackwell, the newly expanded lineup is firing out through every cylindrical kaleidoscope in their arsenal, tapping into a truly hypnotic musical space. And on their new album Rajan, Blackwell, and company dazzle with pristine production and lucid lyrics. Pair all that with Pearl Charles’ blend of folk and rock influences, which creates a dreamy and nostalgic sound and you have an evening of sensory delight.

File this under: vintage pop and psych sounds.

Tickets to Night Beats with Pearl Charles are $20.

Oct. 4 — Empress Of at The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever

An Empress Of concert is an exhilarating and genre-blurring experience that reflects the boundless creativity and infectious energy of Lorely Rodriguez. With her ethereal vocals and innovative electronic production, Rodriguez effortlessly guides the audience through a kaleidoscope of emotions and sonic landscapes. Her ability to seamlessly blend elements of pop, R&B, and electronic music creates a danceable and immersive atmosphere that invites every attendee to lose themselves in the music.

File this show under: empowering diosa grooves.

Tickets to Empress Of start at $18.

Oct. 5 — Thundercat at the Greek Theatre

Led by the virtuosic bassist and vocalist Stephen Bruner, a Thundercat show is an electrifying and otherworldly musical journey. With a charismatic stage presence and an endearing sense of humor, Thundercat seamlessly navigates the realms of jazz, funk, and R&B with unmatched dexterity. His cosmic blend of genres is both mind-bending and groovy, inviting the audience to groove along with intricate basslines and lose themselves in the sonic universe he creates.

File this show under: one cool cat.

Tickets start at $43 or as low as $36.

Oct. 5 — Jordana at The Roxy

“Save your tears” because Jordana is coming to the iconic Roxy in West Hollywood! A Jordana concert is a charming and intimate musical affair that captivates with its lo-fi indie charm and genuine emotional depth. With a blend of indie rock and dream pop influences, her live performance is characterized by its heartfelt authenticity, allowing listeners to connect deeply with her lyrics and emotions. Dev Lemons open.

File this show under: sing your indie-pop heart out.

Tickets start at $18.

Oct. 6 — Keith Sweat with En Vogue at the Greek Theatre

You ready for some 90s R&B and pop vocal group nostalgia? Keith Sweat, En Vogue, Tank, 112, Jon B and 702 are gonna take you on a ride through memory lane. With themes of themes of love, romance, and relationships, these iconic songs will have you singing along like there’s no tomorrow.

File this show under: baby-making music.

Tickets start at $75.

Oct. 6 — Joji at Crypto.com Arena

Joji is a must-see concert due to his unique blend of alternative R&B and electronic music, which creates an intimate and immersive live experience. His emotionally charged lyrics and soulful vocals resonate deeply with fans, making his performances emotionally powerful and cathartic. Additionally, Joji’s stage presence and visual production add another layer of artistry, enhancing the overall concert experience and leaving audiences captivated.

File this show under: baby-making music.

Tickets start at $60.

Oct. 6 — The Shivas at Genghis Cohen

The Shivas are known for their distinctive blend of surf rock and garage punk, characterized by reverberating guitar riffs, energetic drumming, and catchy melodies. Their music often evokes a sense of nostalgia for the 1960s while maintaining a modern edge. The band’s spirited live performances and psychedelic-infused sound make them a must-see live.

Cigarette Bums open.

File this under: vintage pop vibes

Tickets to The Shivas are $18.39.

Oct. 6-7 — Nosaj Thing at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever

Attending a Nosaj Thing concert is a must for electronic music enthusiasts as he’s a master of crafting intricate, genre-blurring soundscapes that push the boundaries of electronic music. His live shows offer a mesmerizing audio-visual experience, with intricate light displays and visuals that perfectly complement his music, creating a truly immersive atmosphere. Nosaj Thing’s ability to blend ambient, glitch, and hip-hop elements into a cohesive and innovative sonic journey makes his concerts a unique and unforgettable experience for fans of electronic music. Lecx Stacy opens.

File this show under: slick beats and sounds.

Tickets start at $17.

Oct. 7 – Becky G at The Novo

¡Vamanos! A Becky G concert is a high-energy, Latin-infused party that showcases her incredible talent as a singer, rapper, and dancer. With a diverse catalog of hits spanning reggaeton, pop, and urban genres, her performances offer something for everyone, ensuring a dynamic and engaging show. Becky G’s infectious charisma and stage presence create a vibrant atmosphere that leaves fans dancing, singing along, and feeling the infectious joy of her music.

Tickets start at $92.

File this show under: addictive Latina pop.

Oct. 7 Sting: My Songs 2023 at Hollywood Bowl

Turn on the “Redlight” because Sting is coming to the Bowl! Sting delivers a great concert experience thanks to his legendary stage presence and charismatic performance style, captivating audiences with his timeless hits and exceptional musicianship. His ability to seamlessly blend genres like rock, pop, and reggae creates a dynamic and diverse setlist that appeals to a wide range of music lovers.

Tickets start at $103.

File this show under: icon, bucketlist (soft) rock show.

Oct. 8 — Luna Luna at the Regent

The Texas synth-pop outfit has a talent for creating bilingual bops. Euphoric songs like “Solo Tú” are delightfully dizzyingly and will consume you with lyrics of romantic longing and anxious passion. Luna Luna’s music is a dreamy fusion of indie-pop and alt rock, characterized by lush, atmospheric soundscapes and often Latin lyrcisicm. They’re a must-see live

Also Michael Sayer with special guest VALÉ

Tickets start at $20.

File this show under: charming Latin indie pop.

darker waves
Darker Waves 2023

Oct. 8 — SPELLING at Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Musician, singer, and producer Chrystia Cabral, creates ethereal and genre-blurring music that combines elements of dream pop, electronic, and experimental sounds. Her music is characterized by lush synthesizers, haunting vocals, and introspective lyrics that explore themes of identity, love, and the supernatural. Right in time for spooky season, SPELLLING’s unique and otherworldly sound is what you need this October. Oh, and did we mention there will be puppets?! Because, BOB BAKER MARIONETTE!

Tickets are priced at $30.

File this show under: witchy vibes.