Los Angeles trio Pegzilla is back with another blistering new song and music video with “Eyes of Phthonos.” It’s also the first single the band has shared since the release of their ferociously metal Giver EP. You won’t want to miss out when the witchy stoner rock outfit brings their scorched earth headbangers to Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles on October 27th for a timely pre-Halloween show.

Led by the formidable Olivia Saperstein (vocals/guitar) the new single tears into the story of Phthonos from Greek mythology — the embodied spirit of jealousy and envy. Against a scalding wave of daunting riffs and thunderous percussion summoned by drummer Ryan Swain, “Eyes of Phthonos” revels in the cathartic release of those woefully human emotions.

As Saperstein’s words cut like lightning through the tempestuous sonic landscape, guided by resounding bass lines dropped by Juan Barsse (while Vivian Pondella recorded the bass line of the track), the whole track surges toward an ecstatic climax of cacophonous energy. “We all have deluded impulses-the potential for evil,” she said of the song. “But it’s about how we master those impulses so we aren’t overcome by them.”

“Eyes of Phthonos” is paired with a music video, co-directed by Saperstein with Sarah Bitely who also shot and edited the film, which follows the lead singer and guitarist as she’s haunted by that personification of jealousy. Lounging amidst the decadent scenery while an eerie masked figure stalks her, the film blends together the psychological terror of having your mind and will pulled in two different directions.

That is until she finds herself blindfolded and bound in the woods confronting this being — who turns out to be an evil doppelganger — illustrating the thin lines that exist between the various personas that exist within us. “Don’t get me wrong though,” Saperstein added. “It’s also about how the patriarchy haunts womxn to the point of insanity.”

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See Pegzilla when they perform at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles on October 27th.

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Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Eyes of Phthonos” the new single from Pegzilla below!