Toronto’s UNA MIA, a new rising star, has fiercely stepped into the spotlight with her alt-R&B debut single,“Lose You.” During her adolescent years, UNA MIA dedicated herself to the mastery of vocal techniques and participated in theater to fully cultivate her talent. Now, at the age of 23, Una Mia has partnered with COLORSxSTUDIO to reveal her debut single.

With stunning vocals and lyricism, “Lose You” is an addicting listen. UNA MIA’s sultry vocals showcase the raw vulnerability that radiates from her heartfelt words. She gracefully weaves in her emotions with lines such as “the harder I hold you, the more you slip away,” ensuring an immediate connection after your first listen.

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In an era where authenticity is celebrated, UNA MIA’s songwriting invites her audience into her world. Her words mirror a shared human experience and allow for the exploration of our own emotions. Accompanying her single, the COLORSxSTUDIO music video for UNA MIA’s track provides her the perfect opportunity to showcase her talent. Set with a vibrant green background, UNA MIA stands poised as she delivers a captivating performance of “Lose You.” Her storytelling abilities shine throughout the video as its simplicity emphasizes her voice and lyrics as the focal point.

To have one’s debut single revealed to the world by COLORSxSTUDIO is a pretty big deal. UNA MIA and her manager shared an early preview of her upcoming project, and they presented the offer to [COLORSxSTUDIO) to premiere her debut single. The music platform that promotes diverse and talented voices has featured Adi Oasis (formerly Adeline), Fana Hues, YEИDRY x Lous and the Yakuza, and many more.

My experience with the COLORS team was nothing short of amazing. Everybody was so kind, welcoming and professional. It felt surreal being a part of something I’ve admired for years and I’m deeply grateful for all the support I’ve received.” – UNA MIA

If you want to hear more from UNA MIA, her debut EP will be released in early 2024. Until the anticipated release, follow UNA MIA on TikTok and Instagram, where you can keep up with the latest updates and enjoy possible sneak peeks of her upcoming work.