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Celebrate Leonard Cohen with Honey Child and Friends this Saturday at the Echo

Leonard Cohen would have been 84 tomorrow. To celebrate his life, local artists have organized an afternoon of music and poetry at the Echo the following night, September 22nd. Honey Child’s Claire McKeown curated the event, which will feature appearances from Entrance, Shannon Lay, Draemings, Joel Jerome, and more. Grab your tickets here. The loss […]

Zoe Elaine |
Claire McKeown Takes on the Devil and Self-Sabotage with her Heroic Band, Honey Child

This year at the Academy Awards, there has been a concerted effort to honor women and their stories. Reflecting on how many years the Oscars have existed, the attempt still feels inadequate, but it is never too late to strive for better representation for all minorities. One nomination that stood out was a short documentary […]