Celebrate Leonard Cohen with Honey Child and Friends this Saturday at the Echo

Leonard Cohen would have been 84 tomorrow. To celebrate his life, local artists have organized an afternoon of music and poetry at the Echo the following night, September 22nd. Honey Child’s Claire McKeown curated the event, which will feature appearances from Entrance, Shannon Lay, Draemings, Joel Jerome, and more. Grab your tickets here.

The loss of Leonard Cohen felt surreal. As McKeown put it, “The timing of Leonard’s death was that last straw after the craziness of the election and I fell in love with ‘You Want It Darker’ and especially ‘Treaty.’ Music is such therapy because delving into arranging his song gave me a place to channel all the bad feels. I still stand by my quote that fell out of my mouth when I found out he passed ‘…The fucker got out right in time.’”

A cult following continues the legacy of Leonard Cohen. Archives of his work are easy to access, honoring his accomplishments in music and poetry. You can explore troves of tributes as well. Honey Child recently released a cover of “Treaty,” which you can hear below. Head to the Echo to hear it live alongside poetry readings and more music performances.

Buy tickets to Celebrating the Words and Music of Leonard Cohen here. Follow Honey Child on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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