Coachella Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Ladies: what to wear to Coachella!

It’s that time of year again. Coachella is about two weeks away and while you get amped for the annual two-weekend music festival, how about we help you out with your Coachella fashion. If you’ve been asking yourself “what should I wear to Coachella?”, we’ve created a very helpful (and very blunt) Coachella fashion Dos and Don’ts for the ladies. Don’t worry men, we’ll get your Coachella fashion 411 on later this week. While last year we mainly focused on “what not to wear at Coachella“, this year we shined a ray of light with some must-wear fashion and style at Coachella.

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Coachella fashion photos

1. DO go easy on the makeup. It’s an all day summer festival! That calls for glowing natural looks, but unfortunately, not every girl is blessed with flawless and healthy skin. Regardless, unless you want to look like a sloppy mess—because those layers of foundation and a failed attempt at smokey-eyes WILL melt off your face—leave the heavy tranny makeup for never.

2. DON’T wear played-out flower wreaths and Indian feathers in your hair. That’s for kiddies and Midwest tourists. Be original. If you want to wear something fabulous in your hair, get a fierce headdress that makes a bold fashion statement (check out this Etsy find), or maybe you prefer a Gatsby-inspired jewelry headband. Or go totally no-fucks-given and wear this. Whatever you choose, just don’t wear what my 16-year-old niece would wear to her first Coachella.

3. DO wear boots and / or comfy sneakers. Ankle boots and slightly below the knee boots are always the way to go at Coachella. They protect your tootsies and they forever look stylish. The more faded and worn-in, the better. Whatever you do, do not wear Uggs or these stupid furry raver boots. As for sneakers, Chucks, Nike Dunks, SUPRA high tops, and VANS are always a comfy and fashionable choice.

4. DON’T wear heels or flip flops to Coachella. If you’re going to wear heels to Coachella, you’re going to look like a dumbass, and we will laugh at you and throw you on our Hot vs. Not (as a NOT) once your heel gets stuck in the soft polo field. Most people think flip-flops make perfect sense at Coachella since it’s hot and grassy, but do you really want to have dirty cave-man feet? Not to mention stepping in festival porta-potty slime, and getting stepped on by that dumb girl wearing five-inch stilettos.

PHOTOS: Coachella 2014: Weekend 1 — Day 1

coachella fashion photos

5. DO show some skin and wear breezy sun-dresses, flowing fabrics, crop-tops and short shorts. You might as well soak up that desert sun and work on you summer tan while bearing the outdoor Coachella heat. Just be sure to wear sunblock and to bring a jacket and / or leggings for nightfall.

6. DON’T wear tights or leggings during the day without any panties. It sometimes reaches 100 degrees at Coachella. Do you really want sweaty-swamp-vag? Ewww. More on that here.

7. DO style your hair up in braids and ponytails paired with dangly earrings. We’d all love to wear our hair down and get that messy summer look, but sometimes you just can’t rock it. With all the sweat your head will be releasing from the beating sun, you’ll probably be better of with an updo. Jazz up that updo with some outrageous earrings. We love these and these.

8. DON’T wear fake jewelry. If you’re not going to rock the sterling silver, white gold or real gold, don’t attempt sporting an array of Forever 21 rings across your hands. You’ll turn green once you sweat and look like a big bag of yuck. We love the unique jewelry creations by Black Willow Jewelry and Kittinhawk. Both are perfect for your Coachella haute looks.

PHOTOS: Coachella 2014: Weekend 1 — Day 2

Coachella fashion photos

9. DO wear underwear. As mentioned earlier, it’s super hot at Coachella, you don’t want dirty-sweaty-vag, now do you? I can’t imagine how nasty those late night Coachella hook-ups would be! Get yourself some cute booty shorts to wear under that tiny dress (last year Aeri hooked me up with some nice lingerie at a Coachella party that included adorable striped booty shorts), or a hot seamless thong to wear under your shorts.

9. DON’T wear a g-string under your very short dress. It’s tacky and tasteless. Booty shorts or a cute full-butted underwear leave more to the imagination and look way hotter. And by all means, do not have your g-string sticking out from your jeans / shorts. That’ so 90s tween.

10. DO prevent boob sweat! Yes, ladies if you have them knockers, you know what we are talking about: that awful line of sweat beneath your breasts imprinted in your new tanktop, yeah, it happens. Those sweat drops just run down that cleavage river and around your boobs, only to fall right under them and soak your shirt. Check out our 4 Ways to Avoid Boob Sweat at Music Festivals.

11. DON’T wear any onesies. Not only do you look stupid, but can you imagine how sweaty and stink you will get? And especially don’t ever wear a gold lamé onesie. Anything lamé will make your Coachella sweat stick to you like glue, your skin will not breathe and you will smell like a homeless person’s private parts. DON’T DO IT.

12. DO pack a handkerchief or scarf! Weekend one at Coachella got super windy and created some very unpleasant dust storms. Unless you want to wake up with some painful and hard dust boogers lodged in your nose, please get a hanky! It doesn’t have to be abnormally huge like this guy’s, but perhaps something more like this gal’s.

PHOTOS: Coachella 2014: Weekend 1 — Day 3

Have any Coachella fashion DO’S and DON’TS (for the ladies) you’d like to share with us? Let us know in a comment below!

Coachella 2014 Fashion Weekend One: Check out what people are wearing!

Coachella 2014 Line-up!


15 thoughts on “Coachella Fashion Dos and Don’ts for the Ladies: what to wear to Coachella!

  1. Julie

    This article is extremely immature and distasteful. I was expecting more of, “DO: Bundle up at night! DON’T: Forget to bring sunscreen!” and many other genuinely helpful tips of what we should and should not carry with us. Instead, I got a rude fashion commentary. Everyone should happily wear whatever they want as long as it keeps them cool and comfortable in the day, and warm and cozy at night. Coachella is about people coming together despite their different fashion preferences, not about judging those around us for something as shallow as what they are putting in their hair.

  2. Antonymous

    It’s not the word tranny itself, but the assuption that a “tranny”, meaning a trans woman would necessarily wear as much makeup as Snookie (which is technically cis) as if it was an intrinsic characteristic. But yeah, I don’t know if I can speak as a cis hetero man, but I’m sure that despite being “politically uncorrect” it’s not ill meant to be offensive. Although Drag queen makeup would be more correct, because they wear much makeup by definition most of the cases.

  3. Cnd

    Thanks Sandra and all for your comments. I find it interesting that people going to Coachella care what you think about how women look there. Your attitude ssems to be quite contrary to what this event is all about. Namely that we shouldn’t be judgemental of the way each other look but be tolerant of our differences because we live together, hopefully happily.

  4. Paula Livas

    Are Body paint and nipple pasties a do a don’t? I say don’t and my hubby says DO! And a group of girls all sporting the same hat in black or brown makes me giggle. A lot.

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  10. Damonia

    Ummm, exxxcuse me. I’m more gay than Justin Bieber and I’m totally okay with tranny makeup being used to describe bitches with lots of makeup. Because it’s true girl!

  11. Kylie

    @Al – Just read your comment. Really?! Quit being so uptight! All of my gay friends always use the word TRANNY. And us girls always refer to each other as trannys when we we have too much make up on.

  12. Kylie

    Probably the best Coachella fashion feature I’ve read. Loved the bit about those raver boots!

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