Newps is Stoops

You know, every time I got to Newport Beach I really loathe it (although I do like that grimy hole-in-the-wall Cassidy’s). Especially on the peninsula near that Sharkeez and that District Lounge. Can you say douchebag-to-fakie, fo realz? That place just has no soul or variety. Like my girl Kristine says: “Everyone’s a clone of each other.”

Why wear a winter scarf in heat? Especially a dude! Check out my new post in the Hot Vs Not gallery.

3 thoughts on “Newps is Stoops

  1. kristine

    but he even did the running man for us! lol that must account for something? lol

    newps is sooooo not the place to meet a dude.

  2. kellz

    You know what else is awesome? Salmon tshirts and male pattern baldness at 29. Stewey wanted you sooooo bad! Giggety!

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