200px-Smd_temp_1Producing and remixing those luscious electro beats, English DJ duo, Simian Mobile Disco is back at it with their second studio album “Temporary Pleasure.” The new album is mellow on the instrumentals and heavy on the catchy vocals featuring an impressive set of vocal collaborations. Talk about an album filled with songs that stick to your brain like flies on shit, there’s almost more hooks and repetition than the annoying music Lady Ga Ga puts out. Only difference: Simian Mobile Disco sure ain’t annoying.

You’ll hear the soulful voice of the Gossip’s, Beth Ditto, on “Cruel Intentions.” Much more soft and melodic, her famed voice rides the electo-waves of synthed out mellow beats. Nice song, but it really didn’t do anything for me. I’d expect something BIG coming from Ditto.

Another vocal banger on the album is Jamie Lidell with “Off The Map.” Definitely a club song with a strong hook, Lidell’s more-than-pleasant voice is a the perfect complement to the beat styles of this track.

It gets wild and tribal with the hedonistic croons and worldly beats in “Synthesise.” If peyote had a soundtrack, this would be it.

Track seven, “Badblood” is quite the jam and my favorite by far. Featuring the smooth, seductive vocals of Hot Chip’s, Alexis Taylor, the song sets a scrumptiously provocative tone.

Awe shit yo! Grab the cardboard and get yo break beats on with “Turn Up The Dial” featuring Young Fathers. Another club pleaser!

Closing it up with another track that tickled my fancy, “Pinball” features Brooklyn’s experimental-electro-fem-duo, Telepathe. There’s just something about cute and sexy female vocals―topped over electro beats, they make a track all the more appetizing.

Flooded with a variety of tracks to please almost every beat snob, “Temporary Pleasure” is the titts! Get some!