WALL at the Echo – Photos & Review – March 11, 2013

Say hello to the dopey-voiced angel, WALL. The London-based singer-songwriter performed at the Echo this past Monday as one of the supporting acts for the Monday Night Residency with Harriet.

Her obviously English sound is pristine and her face, soft doe-eyed and dewy is impossibly young. Babydoll fringe makes her look like an obvious casting choice for the next season of Skins. It’s all, straight out of a preteen coming of age, with the exception of her phenomenal vocal talents. Her debut EP, Shoestring (out April 2) sounds thick like humid summer air and her live performance was only the more intoxicating. Fragile lyrics that sound like they belong trapped in a music box and turning ballet melodies add a shadowy hint of rose garden to the overall goth motif.

This head-to-toe ethereal confection is infectious, like some melancholy tea party, WALL will leave you reminiscing over the bittersweet loves of your past, most especially is true for songs such as “Valentine.” WALL surpassed the high first impressions of her Shoestring EP with her live show. The girl has an amazing voice and we look forward to her debut LP.

Click here to read our review on WALL’S Shoestring EP and to download her music.

Photography: Monique Hernandez

Words: Jasmine Richelle



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