Grimy Cartoons: Annoying Concert Habit #1 – Endless Selfies

While updating out 2011 post “Concert Etiquette – 13 Lame Things You Should NOT Do at a Show” we decided to kick off our new Grimy Goods Cartoon series with a set of Annoying Concert Habits.

We already expressed how lame selfies all over your Instagram are, but we really hate endless selfies at shows. You know what we’re talking about: those annoying fans who grab their iPhone, set it on flash, and take numerous photos of themselves in front of the stage while the show is going off. To top it all off, they do this continuously until they get the perfect photo for their Instagram.

Yeah, that shit is annoying. Stop it.

Art work by Ryan Bussard


Grimy Cartoons- Annoying Concert Habit #1 - Endless Selfies - Art by Ryan Bussard

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