New Music Video: Guadalupe Plata “Milana”

From Spain, swampy blues rockers, Guadalupe Plata have released a new music video for their song “Milana” off their latest self-titled album. Aside from the Spanish vocals, it’s hard to make out what lead singer, Pedro de Dios is crooning through his muffled vocals and reverb. We’ve made the song out to be an ode to a beautiful girl named Milana, however, Milana ain’t so beautiful. The girl’s got some problems (and they’re not just those hideous pointed finger nails of hers).

Check out Guadalupe Plata‘s new video for “Milana” below to see what we’re talking about. Great jam, funny vid.

Upcoming U.S. Guadalupe Tour Dates:

6/20 Brooklyn Cameo Gallery – New York
6/23 Deep Blues Festival – Minnesota
Stay tuned for Guadalupe Plata‘s U.S West Coast tour dates in the Fall of 2013! 

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