Grimy T.V. Interview with Terry Malts

Bay Area/Los Angeles trio, Terry Malts are kickin’ out the jams with their sophomore album, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere, and let us tell ya it’s “Ooooh boy smelly.” With tequila as their drink of choice, you will not find any love songs on this punk record, but maybe some themes about people eating and being disenfranchised with society as a whole. While shooting this Grimy T.V. interview with Terry Malt’s at Echo Park Rising, we were lucky enough to be set up in a studio at Bedrock L.A. that was covered in horror film posters! So yeah, we talk a lot about horror flicks.

Press play and enjoy!

Grimy T.V Interview with Terry Malts from Grimy TV on Vimeo.

Click here to check out our album review of Terry Malts’ new album Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere.

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2 thoughts on “Grimy T.V. Interview with Terry Malts

  1. Ary

    Terry Malts are a great band and more people need to know about these guys. Good interview! As for the douche above, “haters gonna hate” because they are jealous and suck. Everyone knows that. Keep bringing the Grimy TV!

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