While marveling at this year’s Coachella lineup, you may have noticed an influx of undercard acts; bands that you’ve never even heard of. True to Cochella’s old form, where the festival was once all about music discovery and showcasing lesser known acts, we’re really excited about the acts placed on the Coachella flyer where you have to squint your eyes to read them.

London electro pop trio, HÆLOS will make their Coachella debut on Friday, April 15 & 22. The band composed of Arthur Delaney (vocals), Dom Goldsmith (vocals, production) and Lotti Benardout (vocals) make sounds that are sexy, dark and cathartic. Their music will seduce your senses and throw you into a most coveted music coma. Similar to the downtempo sounds of Portishead and Massive Attack, HÆLOS delivers the epic comedown you’ve been craving after a night of hitting it hard on the dance floor. For those of us that “raved” in the 90s, HÆLOS are the act you would experience as the sun rose. With music that is doused in masterful beats and oozes with sultry UK soul, HÆLOS should be at the top of your list for must-see Coachella acts.

Additionally, HÆLOS has a performance scheduled for January 25 at Bardot.

The band just released a new song titled “Oracle” which comes from their debut album, Full Circle, set for release on March 18 via Matador. The song follows their previously shared track “Earth Not Above”. You can stream the both below, as well as their Earth Not Above EP which was released June 1st on Matador.

HÆLOS — “Oracle”


HÆLOS — “Earth Not Above”


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