Damien Jurado shares “Lincoln” — LA date at Highland Park Ebell

Damien Jurado
Damien Jurado –Photo: Vikesh-Kapoor

Moody, atmospheric and delicately strung, Damien Jurado’s new single, “Lincoln,” is a hauntingly good track with unorthodox origins. “Lincoln” as well as his other new single “South” prelude Jurado’s upcoming release, In the Shape of a Storm, out April 12.

 While “Lincoln” was just released this week, Jurado has had the song in his arsenal for nearly two decades. The song was originally written in 1998 and meant to be on Jurado’s early 2000s album, Ghosts of David, but after he accidentally erased what he thought were his only recordings of the song on his 8-track machine, “Lincoln” was never released. Later on, Jurado found a recording of the song on one of his old cassette tapes and planned to include the song in one of his yet to be-released albums. That plan has finally come to fruition as Jurado’s newest album appears to be the perfect home for the stripped down single.

“Over the years I considered “Lincoln” for many of my albums, but the song just couldn’t find the proper place to land,” Jurado said in a press release. “That was until I went in to record my latest album, In the Shape of a Storm. It felt not only fitting to put it on the record, but to have it be the opening song.”

Both “Lincoln” and “South” are wonderful examples of Jurado’s songwriting ability. Sparsely strummed guitar strings are plucked with intentionality and care, and these notes fall and land onto a wide, open landscape where beautiful lyrics ring throughout the song like echoes in a cave. “South,” also comes equipped with a rather bone chilling whistling solo.

The stripped down sound of these releases denote an introspective and well thought out album. Before In the Shape of the Storm drops, Jurado will make an appearance in Los Angeles March 7 at the Highland Park Ebell Club. For tickets and to hear more, visit his website here.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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