Premiere: Susy Sun Lives Up to Her Name With Two New Americana Singles and a Show at the Bootleg

Susy Sun
Susy Sun — Photo by Sam Stenson

When it comes to sunkissed performers, Susy Sun has them all beat. As a Grimy Goods favorite, we have followed her for a few years now, marking the ups and ups of the local songwriter’s career. Two years ago, Sun was playing a Hollywood residency; today she has two brand new songs and a highly anticipated record release show at the Bootleg coming up April 5th. Susy Sun’s debut album, ‘The Way The Wind Blows’ also arrives on April 5th.

Susy Sun will have a string quartet and flute joining her at the Bootleg Theater. YAY BLYNN, Sei Sei Benhoff & Dylan Rodrigue will open up the show.


“The Sun Don’t Always Shine was a song I wrote after moving to Los Angeles from Seattle. It’s about the idea that our happiness & esteem has to come from within. It’s my favorite song I’ve written to date.”

Anyone living in the tropics, especially our California “paradise,” can relate to the melancholy-laced new single, “The Sun Don’t Always Shine.” Floridians can replace the “Pacific Ocean” with the “Atlantic,” and Texans would forego spinning the globe at all, but everyone can learn from the wisdom of finding happiness inside yourself rather than seeking it externally. Slide guitars channel the wonder of Southern blues in the context of contemporary styles; local fans will enjoy similarities between Susy Sun and Sam Valdez.

“Honey Bee started as a song about addiction, but turned into a song about the environment & the balance we should be seeking for all lives on this planet, including the honey bees.  The song was produced by Dennis Herring, grammy award winning producer and features bass by Larry Klein & drums by Brian MacLeod.”

The other new track, “Honey Bee,” sounds happier…but the message is far more bleak. Living with addiction is hard, though Sun comes at it from the perspective of a loved one watching what she calls their “vice” destroy them from within. As Sun mentions, though, the themes of the song go further than a pity party for anyone affected by substance abuse. Humanity is addicted to ruining the planet the same way that drugs ruin the body, and so the moral of her new single is simple: save the bees.

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Susy Sun
Artwork by Shannon Ragan


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