ioanna gika
Photo by: Janell Shirtcliff

When we cannot fathom a situation on our dying planet, in our finite lives, we turn to the gods. Los Angeles musician and songwriter, Ioanna Gika (formerly of Io Echo) just released her new LP named after the goddess of the sea: Thalassa. The title track itself is relatively short, but the jaunt leaps from the mortal world to Elysium, taking everyone along for the ride. In support of the new record, Gika will be going on tour with Garbage, and they will make their stop in LA at the Shrine Auditorium on May 16.

A central tenet of the mythology that surrounds Thalassa involves her wrath. In several fables, she is seen as the villain until she explains that she (as embodiment of the oceans) is gentle, and would always be were it not for the treachery of the wind. The moral of her existence relies on the human inclination to blame—for our problems and even for issues that have nothing to do with us.


On Thalassa, Gika establishes a misunderstood, yet all-powerful feminine force. The tracks on the album are orchestral and have interconnected themes that do not end with the mythology of her homeland (Greece); she also speaks of self-discovery and soul changes, which will resonate with listeners of all walks of life. Come for the sweeping sonic movements and stay for Gika’s achingly poignant lyricism.

Get tickets to see Ioanna Gika support Garbage at the Shrine on May 16 here. Find Thalassa on Sargent House.

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May 3 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle May 7 Raleigh, NC @ The Ritz May 8 Charlotte, NC @ The Filmore May 16 Los Angeles, CA @ The Shrine

words by: Zoë Elaine