Premiere: Can’t Shake the Grooves in Wolf Bay’s New Single

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You know Wolf Bay as a skilled rocker, with agile fingers that soar across the fretboard. Yet his new single “Shakin’ You Off”, mixed by Grey Goon and engineered and produced by Dean Passarella himself (aka Wolf Bay), may not be quite what you’re expecting—it’s a smooth, R&B number. Overall, it is not as much of a leap from his other material, and as only his second single to date, it paves the way for more free expression, no matter which genre.


“My second single is a sexy, smooth dance track that captures two perspectives on the empowering decision to let someone go. It captures that moment when you finally realize that you are no longer held captive by another person and their promises, whether that encompasses a split with your ex or finally moving on from a rebound that you are just not that into. It’s full of sultry vocal melodies and groovy bass lines that will make you want to lean back into the beat and straight chill.” – Dean Passarella

Find your foothold in the bassline right from the start, and follow Passarella’s croons to the center of an infatuated paradise. We’ve all had relationships from which we couldn’t move past, for better or worse; “Shakin’ You Off” does not judge, showing both sides of the situation with a sensual and empathetic lilt.

Catch Wolf Bay June 13th at School Night Pride (at a secret location) and June 15th at Trans Pride. For more information about those shows and Wolf Bay in general, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Wolf Bay School Night Pride

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