Populum CBD Tincture Broad Spectrum Premium Hemp CBD

Festival season is finally here. While it’s definitely time to enjoy all the many music festivals and outdoor summer concerts, we must also remember to make those live concert moments last!

I don’t know about you, but by the end of the night, my lower back is screaming my name. It might be because I love wearing biker boots, it might be because my body has never been the same since having a baby, or it might just be plain “old” aches and pains. I mean, I have been going to concerts and music festivals on the regular for 20 years now. Pair that with several athletic (and straight up clumsy college kid) injuries, and you got yourself some ailments!

So how do I survive standing for 3-4 hours at a show? Or a 12-hour day at a music festival like Coachella?

I use Populum’s premium hemp CBD products. They’re seriously one of my favorite CBD companies. If you have yet to experience the many wonders of CBD. You’re truly missing out on some serious self-care.

But Wait, What Is Hemp CBD Oil?

First off, you might be asking yourself what is CBD. According to Populum’s lovely site: “It’s a full-spectrum, non-psychoactive oil, filled with cannabinoids and terpenes to help regulate and stabilize your body.”

Are you making this face?

Let me put it into simpler words (also via Populum’s nifty site): “CBD oil is derived from the buds of hemp plants.” But don’t worry! It won’t make you high! There’s minimal traces of THC in hemp, so you CAN’T get high from CBD. You just feel good and balanced. And who doesn’t love that?

Populum CBD Tincture Broad Spectrum Premium Hemp CBD

How To Choose the Best CBD Products

While there’s 100s of CBD brands to choose from, how do you know which CBD oil is best? Which company has the most quality CBD rubs, oils, capsules, etc. ? Well, you can spend hours, days, even weeks researching the best CBD brands and products. Or you can take it from a pro (*raises hand).

Since having a baby, I’ve been all about self-care and using more natural products in our home. I’ve researched and tried numerous CBD products to treat my aches and pains, and post-partum anxiety. I’m happy to report that I haven’t touched over-the-counter pain medications (all but maybe twice) in over a year!

Populum CBD, How I Love Thee … Let Me Count the Ways

Made In the USA

Populum‘s hemp CBD oil is sourced from domestic farms in Colorado. You can count on all of Populum’s CBD products being made in the USA.

Third-Party Lab Results

Every Populum order comes with third-party test results! No joke. It’s like legit lab results that break down every single thing in the Populum CBD product you purchased, down to the type of cannabinoids, terpenes, omega fatties and more! If you like geeking out on stats (like me), you’ll extra appreciate Populum’s lab results.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Populum also offers a 30-day risk-free trial. That’s just how much they believe in the quality of their products. If for some strange reason it doesn’t jive with you within those 30 days, you can return it and get your money back. No questions asked!

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Um, Populum’s packaging is super cute. I know this is low priority, but I love cute things. Populum packages their Hemp CBD oil and capsules in old school-style glass medical containers. Not only does this help the longevity of your CBD, but the bottles adds a cool aesthetic when placed on a decorative bedroom shelf. That’s where I keep mine. 🙂

AND they come with a set of adorable stickers! My daughter loved playing with them; especially the orange slice and avocado stickers.

Full-Spectrum CBD

You maximize relief benefits with Populum. They use full-spectrum CBD as opposed to CBD isolate.

Yes, I know. You’re probably saying “dafuq, does that mean?!” Put it this way: you want your CBD products to be full-spectrum because they maximize therapeutic benefits by using various cannabinoids, instead of just one isolated cannabinoid. Scientific studies prove full-spectrum is the way to go. And if you know me, you know I’m all about science, facts, stats and studies.

populum cbd best cbd

Populum Premium Hemp CBD is Effective AF!

Most importantly, Populum’s premium hemp CBD products are wonderfully effective. What’s the point of using a quality, premium, clean CBD if it doesn’t work?! You gotta make sure the CBD is effective and making you feel good.

I use Populum’s oil, capsules and cold therapy . Each product works their magic like a healing gem.

Populum’s Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil tincture is my at-home CBD of choice. I like to add the oil to my tea, or ingest freely by mouth. The cold-pressed orange oil used makes it taste refreshing!

When I’m on the go, I always keep a few of Populum’s Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules in my purse. They’re small and fit perfectly in my pill box. When I’m hitting hour 4 at a concert or music festival, I tend to pop one with water. It seriously helps my lower back inflammation.

Once I get home from a concert, I like to rub Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub on my feet and lower back. If I’m lucky, hubby will give me and extended foot and lower back rub with it. The cooling effect is pretty amazing.

Populum gives my body and mind all the self-care lovin’ it needs. Whether I’m standing at a concert after being on my feet all day entertaining an active toddler, or if I’m having a stressful day and need to calm my anxiety, Populum is my go-to CBD.

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* Please note: this is a sponsored post. While I did receive payment and free product for this post, you know your girl Sandra aka Grimy Goods never pushes a product she doesn’t use and love. Sponsored posts help keep Grimy Goods functioning so we can deliver the best music lifestyle content to you.