Premiere: Oozelles share a hauntingly good single “Refill the Swamp” off their upcoming debut LP


Oozelles have shared a new song off their upcoming, self-titled debut LP in the form of “Refill the Swamp,” a grimy, heady, reverb-soaked piece that rumbles forward on grumbling guitars and wailed vocalizations. Comprised of members and ex-members of Warpaint, Starlite Desperation, Dante Vs Zombies, Sex Stains, Detroit Cobras, and many others — Oozelles filter all their eclectic tastes through a pinhole of sound on “Refill the Swamp,” pushing all the song’s raw discord and sonic fraying through the smallest of earholes until it bursts out the other side.

“Refill the Swamp” is a slow-burn through existential angst and the weight of the times, but it’s also a blisteringly good entry into the band’s already odd and delightful weirdo-punk sound.

Oozelles‘ upcoming self-titled album, described by the band to focus on “human trafficking, secret doors at weddings, war criminals in mental hospitals, hippie arson, premature burial, vampire sugar parents, pathetic, blood-soaked manifestos,  and pit bulls attacking pizza delivery drivers;” will no doubt be a must-listen at the time of its release, as Oozelles cram a wealth of oddities and urgency into the already anxious textures of their music.


“‘Refill the Swamp’ is probably our first song that arose spontaneously from our collective mind. We wrote it in real-time, in the same room, all together and without any premeditation. The lyrics are about the inevitable collapse of a society built on the flimsiest foundations and hell-bent on suppressing nature.”
~ Dante White Aliano of Oozelles

Oozelles will be having an album release show for their self-titled album on May 7 in Los Angeles at Zebulon. Their album is out May 1, you can pre-order the album here. Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Stream: Oozelles “Refill the Swamp”

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