Spare Parts For Broken Hearts

Los Angeles-based trio Spare Parts For Broken Hearts have shared a new single from their forthcoming album in the form of “Cold Wave,” a haunting, but uplifting anthem that seeks to be a hand in the dark for those wrestling alone with depression. A more than appropriate release, given the fact there are so many people who now find themselves alone at home with their mind – Spare Parts For Broken Hearts find tenderness in the earnest struggle against surviving it.

Comprised of Sarah Green, Jonny Cifuentes, and Jessica Lankford, the trio was born out of its founder, Green’s interest in activism with her LGBTQIA community, and centered around the motto: “Everything Heavy, Everyone Here.” Their new single, “Cold Wave,” is an affecting extension of that sentiment. Between the heavy ebbs and flows of guitar noise and booming sonics, Spare Parts For Broken Hearts have no problem eviscerating their own hearts and exercising their own demons – if it means someone will find solace in the cathartic nature of their fuzz-drenched, angst-fueled rock.

“The song is about depression, and more specifically, survival. It’s about the desire to give up but the will to keep fighting. The story is different for everyone, but we wrote this in support of those who face this struggle and hope to accompany them in this journey. Know that you’re not alone, we’re out here too.”

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Listen to Spare Parts for Broken Hearts’ new single “Cold Wave”


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