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Happy 420, y’all. As we celebrate marijuana in quarantine, press play on our 20 favorite songs about getting high. Spark a joint, gobble an edible and stream songs from classic artists such as Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, and modern acts like SLEEP and The Chats. All songs celebrate the beautiful cannabis plant and its magical qualities that most definitely help with our health and overall wellness. There’s even a newly released track in there “The High Song”, by local favorite Rachel Goodrich.

Relax and hit play:

20 Best Songs About Marijuana

Amy Winehouse — “Addicted”
Animal Collective — “For Reverend Green”
Ben Harper “Burn One Down”
Bob Dylan — “Quinn The Eskimo”
Black Sabbath — “Sweet Leaf”
Bob Marley & The Wailters — “Kaya”
Chance The Rapper — “Smoke Break”
The Chats — “Smoko”
Cypress Hill — “Hits From The Bong”
Gang Starr — “Take Two And Pass”
JEMS — “High for the Holidays”
Outkast — “Crumblin’ Erb”
The Pharcyde — “Pack The Pipe”
Rachel Goodrich — “The High Song”
Sleep — “Dopesmoker”
Snoop Dogg — “Gin & Juice”
Sublime — “Smoke Two Joints”
Tom Petty — “You Don’t Know How It Feels”
Willie Nelson — “Roll Me Up”

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