Mara Connor undrapes her charming cover of “Ballad of Big Nothing” (feat. Kenny Becker)

Mara Connor

If you’ve heard Elliott Smith’s “Ballad of Big Nothing” you know how infectious it truly is. A nostalgic artist crafting a masterful sound paired with deeply relatable lyrics, fans are in awe of his captivating quality. Los Angeles native Mara Connor shares her cover of Elliott Smith’s “Ballad of Big Nothing” (feat. Kenny Becker) and it possesses that same euphoric ambiance. Through delicate, wistful vocals and gentle guitar riffs, the reimagined track exudes a lingering haunting feel. As the song goes on there is the addition of a stunning string arrangement, giving depth and texture to the rich release. Connor reveals “No one does it better than Elliott Smith but we had a lot of fun paying tribute to one of our favorite artists by making music in our apartments on an old four-track cassette recorder, just like Elliott used to do.”


Conner joined forces with Becker of grunge band Goon, both co-producing the tune. There is more to the single than just a killer rendition, it is a single for a cause. All the May proceeds from the offering will be donated to The Trevor Project — a national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people under 25. The two instantly bonded over their similar music tastes, both big fans of Elliott Smith. The talented violinist featured on the track is Jen Simone, who played with Smith’s band Heatmiser years back. Everything coming together as seamlessly as it did created the perfect concoction for an astonishing cover.

The striking single is off Mara Connor’s forthcoming release Decades. The EP is a collection of five covers, each one belonging to a different decade. On the project she was fortunate to team up with some of her favorite collaborators and friends, making this body of work so special. “Ballad of Big Nothing” is a prime example of the beauty of powerful partnerships.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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