Little Simz Honors Black Women Around the World on Latest Single “Woman”

Little Simz
Photo by by Nwaka Okparaeke

Don’t let the title of Little Simz forthcoming album fool you; her leading singles have both been bombastic and demanding of your attention. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is due out September 3rd via Age 101, and will contain “Woman,” the most recent release from the London-based artist featuring repeat collaborator Cleo Sol. It is an ode to Black and brown ladies everywhere and the video marks Simz’ directorial debut. Watch it below and pre-order Sometimes I Might Be Introvert here

“Woman” is meaningful and mature in many ways, but Little Simz proves that she is the same clever and fun-loving rapper she’s always been. Visually, she pulls on inspiration from The Carters, who famously filmed the video for “APESHIT” inside the Louvre, coupling fine art with Black bodies. Sonically, her flows complement a jazzy soul melody, best exemplified in the bridge before the final verse, when Cleo Sol and Simz vocalize together. She ends the track with a voicemail that begins as introspective but ends in a humorous plea: “I dunno, it just reminds me to call you, but then you never pick up the phone!!”


Throughout the track, Little Simz addresses Miss Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and many other nations; more than pageant participants, she intends to invoke anyone who identifies with those places. Each destination is where women with deep melanin exist, including plenty of representation outside Africa too: India, Brooklyn, Jamaica, Barbados. While this track is a more chill tune than the warcry of her prior single, “Introvert,” it still has an agenda, one that we all should strive to achieve: Black feminist liberation. 

words: Zoë Elaine

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