Ambar Lucid Reveals More of Herself in ‘Mixto’ x Spotify Singles

Ambar Lucid Reveals More of Herself in Mixto x Spotify Singles

Everyone is falling in line behind the passionate artistry of Ambar Lucid. With support from YouTube Music, television syncs, and the folks who sold out her forthcoming Troubadour show, her star is just beginning to shine at maximum lumens. The Mexican-Dominican musician released Get Lost in the Music EP earlier this year and, more recently, has revealed two exclusive singles for Spotify’s Mixto playlist. Each track gives us a new side to Ambar Lucid.

“I love Billie’s music so adding my own lyrical twist to ‘Billie Bossa Nova’ was lots of fun. This version of ‘Lizard’ (alternate universe) takes place in Los Angeles as opposed to its original setting in Scottsdale, Arizona ✨✨ “ – Ambar Lucid


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Mixto (Spanish for mixed) provides a place for artists who don’t fit squarely into other labels, whether due to heritage or sound. “There are so many bops in [the Mixto] playlist, it radiates queen of wands energy!” Ambar shares, never betraying her allegiance to tarot (the queen of wands often represents optimism and positive energy). Already of mixed Latinx descent, Ambar takes it a step further on her singles—both covers include a huge dollop of her spirit.

The new version of “Lizard” embraces the freedom of its lyrics and sings the Spanish-language bridge from the belt. While the original certainly fit in the bedroom pop landscape of the EP where it first appeared, the Spotify exclusive is spacious and allows her voice to breeze by the stripped back mix. The Billie Eilish re-work even adds her name to the title; “Ambar Bossa Nova” is sung in Spanish and layers her voice to make it entirely hers. 

Ambar Lucid will be playing at the Troubadour on September 25th. Listen to her new music and back catalogue on Spotify. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Words: Zoë Elaine


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