Irene Diaz Releases Emotional and Beautiful New Single “Push”

Beautifully delicate, ethereal and with plenty of space, musician Irene Diaz constructs a powerful anthem with her new single “Push.” Off her upcoming album, the new song features striking vocals, echoey instrumentals and climbing melodies that fall and rise gracefully. Filled with grand sounding piano and keys, spacey drums and momentary strings, “Push” is layered with a rich sound that strikes an impassioned and heartbreaking tone. As the instrumentals blend together to capture complex and harrowing emotions, Diaz’s vocals deliver lyrics that conjure up sentimental feelings as she explores the edges of heartache felt when two people in a relationship aren’t connecting anymore.


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“Push was written during a time when my partner and I were experiencing turmoil in our relationship,” notes Diaz. “We struggled coming back to each other and it was frustrating because neither of us knew what to do.” While there is a hopeless sense initially in “Push,” the single climbs up from the depths of despair and ultimately holds tight to the love it has fostered, trusting that each person will keep pushing for the best.

Irene Diaz’s debut album, Lovers & Friends, is set for release early next year. It was recorded in Los Angeles and Mexico City and showcases Diaz as an inquisitive and creative soul. Nuanced, thoughtful and filled with ambient sound and emotional lyrics, it is a beautiful milestone for a growing musician whose first EP dropped 7 years ago. Diaz also played three intimate shows in Southern California this month, including an amazing show with Katzu Oso at Grand Performances.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Irene Diaz, visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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