Eva Gardner
Photo by Ryan Aylsworth

Los Angeles-born musician Eva Gardner has announced plans for the release of her second solo EP Darkmatter with the release of its first single “London Nights.” Fueled by Gardner’s glimmering vocals and its transfixing anthemic melody, the new single captures the artist’s eclectic musical background. Between shimmering synths and the low grumble of earnest guitars, Gardner marries in a way only she can the potent bests of her 90s punk rock ethos and a fascination with modern pop. The result is a riveting rollick through Gardner’s delirious nostalgia on “London Nights,” which serves as the first introduction to the themes of astute introspection on Darkmatter.


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Gardner, whose father was famed British bassist Kim Gardner and started her stellar career as one of the original members of The Mars Volta, has spent her life surrounded and supporting a list of spectacular artists like Tegan & Sara, Cher, Gwen Stefani, and Pink. But with the upcoming release of Darkmatter and the release of “London Nights,” Gardner continues to position herself as a budding musician in her own right. Inspired by her childhood dream of becoming an astronomer, the EP analogizes the mystery of dark matter and its role in our galaxy with Gardner’s desire to understand the forces that move within her own mind.

“Staring up into the night sky has always been a source of enchantment and wonder for me. What is really going on in the space between the stars in the sky?” Gardner said of the EP. “In astronomical terms, dark matter is material that cannot be seen directly, but it’s believed to account for the unexplained motions of stars within galaxies — just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Creating music is a deep dive within the dark matter of our own psyches.”

Eva Gardner’s new EP Darkmatter is out on December 17, order it here. Visit Eva Gardner’s Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Listen to Eva Gardner’s new single “London Nights” below!

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