2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Artists to Watch Featuring Jarina De Marco

L.A. based Dominican and Brazilian artist Jarina de Marco has spent 2021 releasing a bouquet of banging singles and lending her voice to two different cinematic soundtracks — F9 and the animated movie Sing 2. Her single for Sing 2, “Suéltate,” also featuring Sam i, Anitta and BIA — puts De Marco in the middle of a high energy female empowering track that has garnered nearly 5 million views on YouTube in less than a month while her single, “Mala” for F9, strikes a more femme fatale chord with a dramatic sound and slick hooks.

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Her own music this year took De Marco to new emotional valleys and plateaus, from covering Rick James erotic “Give It To Me” to slowing things down to appreciate the exhilarating sensation of falling deeply in love with her single “Vacío” (featuring Empress Of). In her latest single “Pare De Sufrir,” a collaboration with artist Esty — De Marco muses about letting go and getting back to living your life to the fullest.

Regardless of whether she’s singing about love, loss or celebrating herself, De Marco never loses sight of her “color outside the lines” lifestyle, not so much breaking from conventional molds as she has always been oblivious to the fact that they even existed in the first place.

Continually weaving her abstract and beautiful tapestry of self expression and creativity, Dominican born De Marco uses familial thread as the basis for her own creations, growing up with a Dominican mother and Brazilian father who together had a Brazilian Jazz fusion band.


Her parents political activism and outspokenness also provided De Marco with inspiration and examples of artistic and political strength — De Marco saw firsthand the consequences of speaking out against authoritative governments when her family was black-listed and had to flee from their home country after her parents wrote a condemning song about their country’s president actually being a dictator. All these events shaped and influenced De Marco as an artist and person.

Through her genre-less music, De Marco showcases a unique talent paired with her ability to find strength and momentum in fluidity, from singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French — to switching up her style so she can get across whatever she needs to say. As she grows, so does her music, representing the different stages we go through. From multiple cultural, political and artistic viewpoints, De Marco captures a unique blend of the human experience that is both shaped and uninhibited by identity.

With a growing family, Jarina De Marco enters into 2022 with positivity and a new outlook on being loved. Her new album, set to drop this year, focuses on being comfortable with companionship, deep connection and opening up to the vulnerable side of life. With an unwavering independence and newfound sense of softness, De Marco continues to water her fruitful garden of art and life.

Words: Patti Sanchez

For more on Jarina De Marco, make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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