Fawns of Love give a new preview of next EP with another haunting single/video in “Miranda” (Glass Version)

Fawns of Love

Fawns of Love have released another single from their upcoming EP Unrequited Love Songs with the otherworldly track “Miranda” (Glass Version). Like the previous single “Girls,” the new song is a rework of music previously shared via the duo’s first album Who Cares About Tomorrow. Bathed in Joseph Andreotti’s resounding sonics and Jenny Andreotti’s gloaming wails, there’s a different spirit behind “Miranda” (Glass Version) than the original. The song wavers between the sublime and the haunting which lends itself perfectly to its source of inspiration in the Australian mystery novel and film Picnic at Hanging Rock.


It also borrows its name from one of its characters — Miranda — who disappears spookily along with two classmates and a teacher after visiting the titular monolith. Written from the perspective of a man named Michael, who becomes obsessed with the mystery and finding Miranda, the song’s tenderness is matched only by the tragedy it’s wrapped up in. But this time around Fawns of Love has tapped into the song’s etherealness. And the accompanying video for the song uses footage from the short film Puce Moment to layer on the dreaminess of its eternally echoing melodics.


“‘Miranda’ is about Picnic at Hanging Rock and is written from Michael’s perspective. I wanted
to capture his innocent fixation with Miranda. The video uses the short film by Kenneth Anger
titled, Puce Moment.”

Fawns of Love have an upcoming Los Angeles gig at Zebulon opening for Dean Wareham. The show is May 11; grab your tickets here.

Fawns of Love‘s new EP Unrequited Love Songs is out February 4, pre-order it here. Visit the band’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch Fawns of Love New Video for Miranda” (Glass Version)

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