JiLLi is back with a new single and collaboration, this time teaming up with producer Cozmoe to create her latest banger in “Must B.” With its glitchy synths, warped vocals, and constantly shuddering electronica soundscape the new track is filled with off-kilter but undeniably compelling pop hooks. And JiLLi once again rises as the raw expression of those sounds. For all the thundering bass and stormy atmospherics created by Cozmoe — all of it still seems to orbit JiLLi’s singularly piercing vocals.


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“There must be something wrong with me… / But I think you like that,” she sings through the crackling whine of guitars. In “Must B” the singer wrestles with the ins and outs of a less than a healthy relationship. With every concussive blast of Cozmoe’s stunning sonics, JiLLi slips deeper into the chaos of it all. But the song’s dark electro-pop is as intoxicating as JiLLi’s virulent swagger — with the final lines of “Must B” hitting like a one-two knockout.

“Got your tongue tied up while I’m speaking in mine,” she murmurs breathily. “Spit the blood I suck but I’ll swallow your spine.” Absolute chills every single time with those lines.

“Must B” is the first single since the release of JiLLi’s Bittersweet EP which dropped this year. Filled with tenderly led piano ballads like “Hi How Are You?” and the buoyant pop piece “Better,” it established her as a singer/songwriter that could string together gorgeously affecting music. But every new release expands JiLLi’s eclectic talents into new genre territories. With “Must B” she’s just scratched the surface of haunting electronica and heavy synth-bass pop that she so perfectly channels.

Listen to JiLLi’s new single “Must B” below!

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Words by Steven Ward

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