Artists You Should Know: Solis Fuses Soul and Sorrow in remix of “Abeg” Featuring Karun and Amindi

Solis – Photo by Tamyra Ebohon

Joined by musicians Karun and Amindi in a remix of album standout “Abeg,” Nigerian singer-songwriter Solis leads the charge through an indie-pop daze. Alongside some minor but significant tweaks in the production, the newest reimagining is much more reverberating than its predecessor without completely changing the pre-established formula. Instead, it expands in sound and scope in a way that doesn’t take away from the three.


Solis still stands center stage despite complimentary feature spots from her contemporaries. Unlike the other two, she chooses to ride the beat and becomes just as prominent of an aspect as the stormy guitars or ambient palettes found throughout the runtime. Perhaps most impressive are her seesaw melodies, infecting the track as the lyrics express sorrowful elegies. That’s not a knock against Karun and Amindi, who both bring their own unique angles to the song while staying in line with the spirit.

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Considering Solis has only been releasing music for about three years, it’s worth noting the level of quality “Abeg” exudes through and through. Solis also seems to be releasing songs that appeal to anyone in tune with the indie stratosphere while staying true to her style. Based in Lagos, her music comes as more and more African musicians break into the mainstream. And while the influx may widen as time goes on, Solis is one to keep an eye on in the foreseeable future.


Words: David Sosa

SOLIS is dropping the “Abeg” music video in December and will be performing at several festivals and shows in Lagos throughout December. Connect with Solis through her Instagram and website for upcoming music and potential tour dates.

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