Eyedress Goes On The Run In The Music Video For New Single “Escape From The Killer 1994”

Eyedress by Razy Faouri

Eyedress is back with another groovy jam to spend your days on repeat with, sharing their new single and music video for “Escape From The Killer 1994.” They also just announced they’ll be performing at Head in the Clouds when it arrives at Brookside at the Rose Bowl on August 5-6. If you’ve also been still reveling in the illustrious soundscapes of last year’s FULL TIME LOVER, not to mention exploring the rest of this Los Angeles kaleidoscopic discography, then this isn’t a performance you’ll want to miss. He also just released a left-field but absolutely killer cover of Blur’s “Song 2” — so at some point, you have to ask — will he ever slow down?


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That answer appears to be no given the back-to-back singles he’s released since then. His latest offering “Escape From The Killer 1994,” a sublimely droning piece of electronica that once more immerses you in the sonically buoyant worlds conjured up by his music. The new song also follows the release of his previous single “Escape From The Killer 2008,” which as the similar name might suggest, is a far spacier and electronica-driven version of the track.

But on this new iteration, the artist aims for something a little more low-key but no less affecting. Eyedress is still right there as well, with his soothing and romancing croons gliding over the track’s beaming guitar riffs and budding beats. Caught once more in a tangle of elusive genres the track is another poignant original from an artist that seems to so effortlessly evoke the tones and textures of the past while transforming them into something decidedly modern and raw.


The new song also comes with a music video that was directed by Phil Nisco and @Beeeyes. Like many an Eyedress video, you’re in for a visual treat that is beyond absurd whenever diving into visualizations of his music. But this one takes it to new heights (quite literally) as Eyedress cartoonishly attempts to escape a Sasquatch-looking creature that’s out to get him. One-part horror, one-part farce, the video follows him as he jumps on a plane only to be chased around by the monster Scooby-Doo style. The film even includes a few clips from the original television show that add in Eyedress’ animated head to one of its iconic revealing scenes.

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See Eyedress at Head in the Clouds on Aug. 5-6!

Visit Eyedress on their website, TikTok, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Escape From The Killer 1994” the new single from Eyedress below!

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