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hang out festival
Top 10 Most Booked U.S. Festival Acts of 2016

There is basically a major music festival in the United States once a weekend once festival season “officially” kicks off with Coachella in mid-April. While most of these festivals do a great job of curating unique lineups tailored to their usual base of patrons, there’s a handful of acts that you’ll see on more than […]

Music Festival-ization: Which spring festival is right for you?

Coachella takes place a little less than a month from now, which means festival season is nearly underway. There are now more music festivals taking place in the United States than ever before. Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza told us last year that there’s a huge festival-ization going on right now, and he isn’t wrong. Here […]

Must-See Coachella Undercard: DMA’s – Aussies with a Britpop punch

If you’ve been holding your breath for Oasis to make a return since breaking up almost a decade ago, you can exhale. No, the Gallagher brothers haven’t patched things up and announced they’re back together, but there’s another band ready to continue the Britpop legacy that Oasis helped build. The intriguing thing is these guys […]

St. Lucia
Reviewed: St. Lucia’s “Matter” is sure to have you dancing

With Brooklyn-based synthpoppers St. Lucia churning out tunes, Phil Collins – you can stay retired. St. Lucia has perfected the tropical synths and heavy percussion sound that Collins became known for in the ‘90s after defecting from Genesis. It’s been two-and-a-half years since their debut album When the Night dropped. After seeing them a half-dozen […]

Bonnaroo 2016 — A lineup for everyone, a weird and true festival experience

Bonnaroo was one of the more eye-opening experiences of my life last year. While Coachella is much more commercialized and a lot more people there for the scene, Bonnaroo lives up to its reputation for “radiating positivity.” It was the perfect amount of weird I was looking for in a camping festival and I anticipated […]

ryn weaver
Out from under the microscope: an interview with rising pop-star Ryn Weaver

Last June, a song exploded in the music blogosphere that had tons of people asking one question: Who the f*ck is Ryn Weaver? When the wildly addictive “OctaHate” arrived on the scene last year, there was very little information out there on the talented singer-songwriter behind the track. Now almost a year-and-a-half later, the 23-year-old […]

Ryn Weaver
Watch Ryn Weaver’s new video for “Traveling Song” (will probably make you cry)

The new music video from Ryn Weaver for her song “Traveling Song” should come with a NSFW disclaimer — because nobody wants to cry when sitting at their desk at work. Having seen Weaver perform live a number of times (from SXSW to Coachella to Bonnaroo), an emotional moment always comes in the form of […]

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billy joel
Billy Joel caps Bonnaroo with throwback Sunday set; Florence + The Machine wins fans over

To be honest, Billy Joel was one of the main drawing points to attending my first ever Bonnaroo. In a time where there are seemingly endless music festivals, it gets harder and harder to land a legitimate festival headliner. Billy Joel fit the mold quite well, a legacy act and Rock n Roll Hall of […]

mumford AND SONS
Mumford & Sons’ Bonnaroo redemption highlights Saturday

Two years ago, Mumford & Sons were set to headline Bonnaroo at the peak of their success. When bassist Ted Dwane had to undergo emergency brain surgery, the band had to cancel their appearance just two days before the festival. If redemption was what the London-based folk rockers were after, they got that in spades after […]

Kendrick Lamar tops Bonnaroo highlights, freestyles with Chance the Rapper during Earth, Wind & Fire

Of all the festivals I’ve traveled to the past few months, I felt least prepared for Bonnaroo. Flying in from LA I could only bring a small one-person tent and carry-on bag but I lucked into camping with people a bit more prepared. We got into the line of cars to pull into the campgrounds […]

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