Oh, hey look, the 2012 Coachella(s) line-up has been announced. Some amazing bands/artists on the bill this year — most who we have seen more than once. We’re very happy that Keep Shelly in Athens made it on the bill for this year’s Coachella. We presented their Los Angeles debut at the Roxy back in November. We’re also very excited to see the very talented, blues rockin’ soul-man, Gary Clark Jr. on the bill. We’ve been hot on this guy for quite some time and hopefully he’ll finally get the mass exposure he deserves. Dude, fuckin’ rips. On another positive note, our friends across the pond — Fanfarlo — are also performing at Coachella. They were slated to play in 2011 but were hard at work and dedicated to finishing their new album, Rooms Filled with Light — out Feb. 28 via Atlantic Records. And what do you know, the Coachella all-stars (and our friends) — the one-and-only Black Keys will be headlining Coachella. So proud of these guys, even if I haven’t dug their last two albums as I loved their early catalog.

Last, but certainly not least — we’re so fucking excited to see Radiohead, Refused and At The Drive-In (along with many other performers)! WTF! Somebody pinch me! Am I dreaming? All together, Coachella has given old fans of the festival and new fans alike, a very impress line-up. Touche Coachella, you guys did it proper (still weirded out by the two weekends though, but whatever). This is what it’s about — great music. Now, as for the crowds and demographic, I wish we could revert back tot he old days of Coachella … wishful thinking, that day is long gone.

In the words of the Refused, “see you in the pit.”