Keep Shelly In Athens at The Roxy

Although there are plenty of Coachella indie acts to catch this year—we highly recommend you make time for the very talented musicians below. Whether you’re into hip hop, dream-pop, electronica or good ole rock and roll—we have a little something for everyone.

  • Gary Clark Jr. – For fans of the early Black Keys, Clark exudes all that raw, foot-stompin’ rock and blues that the Keys once started out with. His music has an undeniably authentic sound heavy in the blues from Delta to Chicago and then some. This guys is going places.
    (Friday – 4:30pm – Gobi)
  • Fanfarlo – Since the release of their astounding debut album, Reservoir, Fanfarlo have been one of indie’s best kept secrets. They were slated to play Coachella 2011 but were busy creating their sophomore effort, Rooms Filled With Light: an upbeat dance record you can shake your hips to. Fanfarlo have the keen ability to transition seamlessly from adoring indie-folk ballads to catchy pop numbers.
    (Sunday – 12pm – Gobi)
  • Keepy Shelly in Athens – Radiating all the sonic bliss that you would expect from a proper down-tempo, ambient ensemble—Keep Shelly in Athens (KSiA) are a magnetic duo out of Greece. Rich in cosmic loops and textures that sound out of this world, KSiA are even more enchanting with the alluring vocals of their petite frontwoman, Sarah. Grimy Goods presented their L.A. debut at the Roxy
    (Saturday – 12:05pm – Mojave)
  • Death Grips – Hard beats, hard vocals and hard bass—Don’t be scared of Death Grips, because they certainly aren’t scared of you! Whether you’re into their music or not, Death Grips is always a great show to see live. They’re dark, intimidating and they roar with experimental hip-hop over harsh vocals and thrashing beats.
    (Friday – 5:45pm – Gobi) 
  • Tijuana Panthers – One of L.A.’s finest budding musicians, Tijuana Panthers put on one hell of a show! You will twist those hips and throw those arms up as you venture back in time to the 50s & 60 garage-pop-doo wop-skippity-hop days. They are always a sure bet for a good time.
    (Saturday – 11:25am – Mojave) 
  • Givers – Inspiring and blissful, the five-piece ensemble play some down-home feel-good music. You’ll be jumping around and clapping your hands as though you were on ecstasy. Using a variety of instruments from accordions, guitars, flutes, saxophones and more—Givers definiltey give off that big band sound.
    (Friday – 2:35pm – Mojave) 
  • The Sheepdogs – Borrowing bits from classic, psychedelic and boogie rock—these long haired Canadians will have you groovin’ to the warm tunes of yesteryear with their soulful harmonies and catchy melodies. Ladies, if flannel-wearing-bearded men are your thing, you don’t wanna miss this rock rival ensemble.
    (Friday – 1pm – Outdoor)
  • Company Flow – Brooklyn’s undeground hip hip trio is back at it again. If you’re down with the old school style of hip hop (none of this materialistic crap rap) with slick beats and rhymes that melt like buttah, you need to check out Company Flow. You’ll be bobbin’ that head in no time.
    (Sunday – 8:20pm – Gobi)
  • Morgan Page – For those that love electronic dance-pop heavy with vocals, Morgan Page delivers a sultry dance party with guest vocals from Tegan & Sara, Greg Laswell and many more. If you’re a dude and not quite into this style of music that borders house, however, you’re looking for hot dancing babes at Coachella—the ladies will all be dancing to Morgan Page’s new summer bangers.
    (Sunday – 12pm – Sahara)

For the complete list of Coachella set times, click here.