This past Sunday (June 9) the Natural History Museum (NHM) celebrated 100 years of making history with a stellar line-up that excited the crowd consistently throughout the day. It was a perfect sunny Los Angeles day full of families, fossils, and music lovers wearing peculiar pot hats special to the occasion.

NHM did a great job with logistics and organization: food trucks front-to-back, enough staff to handle the crowd, and awesome bars for the 21+ located between the nature gardens amphitheater and various halls. Between the dinosaur remains you could check out DJs Canyon Cody, Anthony Valadez and Raul Campos at different times keeping the music happening all over the place.

Finally, after long hours of crowd teasing with meticulous sound checks, the show started with Fool’s Gold to warm up those getting ready to get close to the stage. When GZA from Wu-Tang Clan started you could already lose count of the amount of people in the spot bobbing heads to his slick and provocative lyrics.  NHM at this point paused for a long minute to share their development accompanied by desperate shouts from the crowd calling the next number. When DEVO hit the stage the collective excitement was beyond evident, fans were trampling the floor as hard as a herd of Mammoth. This 80s punk rock and new wave party just couldn’t wait to “whip it!” Devo had that same vibrant energy that they radiated decades ago when hitting No.1 on the Billboard charts and sure made the wait worth standing up to the occassion.