IDLES share a punkish rework of Sharon van Etten’s “Peace Signs” for ‘Epic’ Ten Year Anniversary

IDLES share a punkish rework of Sharon van Etten's "Peace Signs" for 'Epic' Ten Year Anniversary
Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Epic Ten the anniversary reissue of Sharon van Etten’s album Epic has been heralded with the arrival of IDLES‘ cover of the song “Peace Signs.” Offering their punkish sentiments and a rollicking vigor to the song’s virulent melancholy, IDLES translate the song loyally into a powerful crescendo of dueling guitars and clamorous percussion without losing an ounce of the original’s potency. Swapping the piercing emotionality of Etten’s wavering, broken cries with that of Joe Talbot’s angsty wail reveal different avenues to the same visceral energy and raw-hearted nature. Etten and IDLES first met in 2018 by accident but spent the following year seeing one another on the festival circuit – and before long the former and developed a deep love and affinity for the raucous English rockers.

“Watching best friends having the best time under different circumstances every night and conveying positive messages through the angst of being a human being. One might not get the connection between our music, but as performers – and people – they were inspiring and magnetic,” Etten said of IDLES. “When I hear them covering ‘Peace Signs,’ I hear another voice of mine deep from within. Special thanks to IDLES for coming into my world and making it theirs…ours.”

“Peace Signs” is the second rework released for Epic Ten, with Big Red Machine (aka Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner of The National) covering “Crime.” The new album will also feature the likes of Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, and Courtney Barnett.

Listen to IDLES’ rework of Sharon van Etten’s song “Peace Signs” below. Epic Ten is out April 16 and will be accompanied by Epic Ten: The Documentary and Concert on both April 16 + 17. Purchase tickets here. Visit IDLES website and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and announcements. And keep up with Sharon Van Etten via her website and Instagram.

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