Premiere: Alicia Blue’s live video for Queen Of Echo Park feat. Lauren Ruth Ward, pays homage to their friendship

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Magnetic folk singer Alicia Blue’s storied song “Queen of Echo Park” draws you in with its pure captivation and heart. The striking tune is a beautiful story of friendship. It details those special energies that come into your life and make your world that much brighter. Starting the song with vivid lyrics like “rainbow bangs flowing free. Come to her gently, she’s a star,” you instantly get an image in your head of a carefree girl bursting with confidence. Blue is describing the colorful and charismatic rock talent Lauren Ruth Ward.

Now, Alicia Blue is premiering her stripped video live from Revival studios featuring Lauren Ruth Ward and it is nothing short of mesmerizing. Singing with a stunning Joni Mitchell-esque vocal tone, her raw emotion is that much more present in this riveting release. Displaying a sunflower close by, it is the perfect representation of the song’s sunny nature. Blue admits that ever since their first meeting, she’s felt this glowing vivacity oozing from Ward and still feels that today.


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“I have this joke with her that she’s actual electricity, zapping everyone she encounters. And it’s been incredible to watch and feel that electrical current pulse in different ways on her end since we first met. I knew it’d come out in the performance,” Blue reveals. 

The singer is known for her modern sound and poetic words seeping with so much incredible imagery. Inspired by artists such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan, she has a story to tell and displays it stunningly through her art. Through her detailed lyrics she creates whole worlds and her message is definitely heard. Ward is seeking to be understood and seen for who she really is and Blue seamlessly captures her essence.

Ward admits, “The desire to exercise my demons is what lead me to the entertainment world. The struggle to get seen feels paradoxical to my intentions of creating to heal myself. In this crowded world, being seen feels like true love. The deep, organic connection I have with Alicia and her music has made me a better being. Being seen by her, through her art and friendship, is one of the most intense loves I have experienced.”

This live video effortlessly showcases both Blue and Ward’s exhilarating musical vibes.

Words: Chloe Robinson

Alicia Blue’s first full-length album, Bravebird, was released April 2020. She plans to tour in 2021 (as the world opens again). Stay in tune with Alicia Blue via her Instagram and Website, and with Lauren Ruth Ward here.

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