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Reyna Tropical has returned with a brand new song “Encerrada,” enlisting the talents of singer/songwriter Y La Bamba on their latest iteration of soothingly lush Afro-Mexican melodies. In pure Reyna Tropical fashion, the new song is a perfect summer jammer, an essential tune for any under-the-sun drive that dreams of palm trees and seaside sunsets. Sumohair, one half of the Reyna Tropical duo, handles the song’s soundscape, conjuring a beach paradise via breezy beats, ocean waves, and seagulls. The other half in Fabi Reyna, her dulcet murmurs the heart-and-soul of this perfect vision, join with the ever eclectic Y La Bamba’s Luz Elena Mendoza on the second half of the track.


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Rapping over the same beats Reyna’s own silky voice was just grooving to, Mendoza’s interlude injects the paraíso that “Encerrada” looks forward to with some fervent excitement — a strong sentiment that most people can relate to after a year of being trapped inside. Every second of mellowed jubilance that’s soaked into “Encerrada” and its verdant tones will have you seeing your own visions of escape, little mirages of hope that remind us of the temporary nature of our current feelings of being stuck and confined.

Ever the supporters of using their music for causes much larger than themselves, Reyna Tropical have pledged to donate a portion of their earnings from downloads of “Encerrada.” Until Thursday 4/8 the band will donating 10% of all direct downloads of the new song via their website to communities in and around Costa Chica, Mexico.

Listen to the new track “Encerrada” by Reyna Tropical feat. Y La Bamba below!

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