reyna tropical
Reyna Tropical at The Novo — Photo by Farah Sosa

Reyna Tropical are bringing their lush Afro-Mexican textures, melodies and reggaeton beats, to La Cita for an intimate club show! Catch Reyna Tropical live on Friday, June 25 at the recently reopened and beloved, La Cita in Downtown LA. The duo, made up of Fabi Reyna and Sumohair, deliver an oh-so-lovely fco-mingling of Spanish and English words. Overlayed by Sumohair’s electronically-warm melodies, Reyna Tropical make for the kind of soothing jams suited as much for summer evenings as well as late-night bedroom soirees. Songs like “Niña” and “Mas Y Mas” rumble tenderly forward on a collection of tropically-hued instrumentals, complete with dizzy percussion tumbles and glowing guitar lines, all the while Reyna’s lucid croons continue to twirl just as much around their winding melodies. 

Online tickets to Reyna Tropical at La Cita are sold out, but a limited supply will be available at the door. We can’t recommend this band enough, nor La Cita! Two of our faves!

We’ve been lovin’ on Reyna Tropical ever since we caught them live opening for fellow Latinx act, Bomba Estereo at The Novo. Most recently, the band dropped “Encerrada,” enlisting the talents of singer/songwriter Y La Bamba. In pure Reyna Tropical fashion, the new song is a perfect summer jammer, an essential tune for any under-the-sun drive that dreams of palm trees and seaside sunsets. 

In 2019, Reyna Tropical released their second EP Sol Y Lluvia. Dedicated to the “bodies of water and the communities around the world affected, damaged, and polluted by the systems around them,” Sol Y Lluvia finds a certain bliss in its lo-fi mix of stark vocalizations and sharp percussiveness.

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