Death Valley Girls at Lodge Room - photo by Asha Moné
Death Valley Girls at Lodge Room – photo by Asha Moné

With July right around the corner, there are a plethora of great shows to catch in Los Angeles including some of our favorite independent and non-major label / non-mainstream acts. Check out a selection of five artists all with shows slated for L.A. that you won’t want to miss. Ticket prices range from free to $20.


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July 8 – Rochelle Jordan at The Echo

Mixed Feelings Presents features an evening with Rochelle Jordan and guests Rush Davis, Farrah Fawx on July 8 at The Echo. With a sleek club sound and sultry vocals, Jordan’s music pulsates with a vibrant and moody energy. Her songs often capture the conflicting emotions that come along with exploring one’s love life.

Tickets are priced at $15 + service fees.

July 11 – Joel Jerome at Zebulon

Cosmic folk rocker Joel Jerome’s brand of music often captures whispers of the universe and glimpses of what lies within the human soul. His dreamy, atmospheric and pensive music strikes a chord familiar to that formative sound cultivated in the Hollywood Hills sound (Neil Young, Guy Clark, Graham Nash, etc.) but with a softer sheen. Jerome plays a free show July 11, at Zebulon in Frogtown alongside Lael Neale and Marina Allen as part of Neele’s Zebulon residency. He will also play July 20 at Gold Diggers with Marion Raw.

Reserve FREE tickets for July 11 here.

July 15 – Death Valley Girls at Permanent Records Roadhouse

Death Valley Girls play at Permanent Records Roadhouse on July 15 with Grave Flowers, Bongo Band and Laena. With an inventive, razor sharp sound and fantastic on stage chops, the band is a must see live. They’re most recent releases include a double single release with Le Butcherettes and a Peaches remix of their single ”When I’m Free.” Death Valley Girls will also be performing along the coast this month with shows in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Cayucos.

Tickets are priced at $20.40. No service fees.

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July 16 – Jagged Baptist Club at Permanent Records Roadhouse

Jagged Baptist Club play on July 16 at Permanent Records Roadhouse! To top it off, the LA thrashers are also sharing the stage with some more of our punk faves: Broken Baby, Ughh, Young Winona and DJ Booby Trap. Raw, rambunctious and with a certain unhinged edge to them, Jagged Baptist Club are a high energy musical force to be reckoned with. Their latest album, Temptation Death House, was released last year and features a barrage of crunchy, textured punk rock perfect for thrashing bodies to mosh to.

Tickets are $10 and available at the door. Learn more about the performance here.

July 23 & 24 – Yeule at the Echo

Yeule will have a two-night residency at the Echo on July 23 and 24. With a new album that dropped earlier this year that was equal parts visceral as it was etherial and bewitching, Yeule has a lot of tinder for a fiery performance. Her avant-garde style and creepily beautiful aesthetics all drum up an unearthly and memorable live presence. Michele Yue opens.

Tickets are priced at $20 + service fees.

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