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Recommended Album Review: Lonnie Holley – Keeping a Record of It

First off, this is not the typical record that your average, casual music listener is used to — and fo’ sho’, Lonnie Holley has not taken the career path that your normal indie rocker have taken,  but please let me implore you to really take in this music because it is rewarding as fuck. Indirect, […]

Recommended: Baths – Obsidian – Album Review

Local scenes come-and-go. A group of friends otherwise like-minded creative people come across a similar aesthetic and influence each other to create a community of artists all making music that informs and stimulate each other. That happens every day and it’s the main reason why it’s usually a little weird when you don’t know where […]

Mikal Cronin – MC II – Album Review
Recommended: Mikal Cronin – MCII – Album Review

When was the last time a power-pop album grabbed the attention of the cool kids? I guess it depends on your definition of power-pop but finding the balance between the sweetness of melody, the universality of a soaring melody and the earnestness of no-hyphen-rock-n-roll has been a difficult balance for artists since the early 70s. […]

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Recommended: Savages – Silence Yourself – Album Review

Contrary to what you might have heard, Savages’ debut album, Silence Yourself is not a perfect record. However, this record might be something more exciting than a perfect record — a record that is both a screeching introduction and a solid foundation to build on. Great debut records are few and far between. Most bands have […]

Album Review Hanni El Khatib Head In The Dirt
Hanni El Khatib – Head In The Dirt – Album Review

Half of the term “music business” is “business.” The business and those who work in it, have been a factor in how we listen to, and experience music since the advent of recording. It’s very easy, but very lazy to demonize the entire business of music. Brian Epstein (Beatles manager) plays as large a part as […]

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Rhye – Woman – Album Review
Hot New Music: Rhye – Woman – Album Review

Straight up, the term “rock ‘n’ roll” means sex. Before Chuck Berry, Ike Turner and Little Richard, when someone said rock ‘n’ roll, they weren’t talking about music; they were talking about the deed. Early rock music was f#cking, and f#cking was rock music. And that’s exactly why parents and pastors alike were dead set against this […]

Local Natives hummingbird album cover art
Are Local Natives the Next Fleetwood Mac?

    Remember the Ohio-based collective Pere Ubu?  How about NYC No Wave band DNA? Well those were some the best avant-garde bands of the late 70s.  Totally great, innovative rock bands, they pushed musical boundaries and made albums I still listen to today. Great, but difficult albums are an important part of rock; however, […]

Guadalupe Plata band photos
Hot New Music: Guadalupe Plata – Album Review

Photo: Ben Irwin of Pinpoint Music Like most “seen it, done it” rock fans, I have the unbearably annoying habit of looking for reasons NOT to like some new rock band before I look for reasons to like it (you, me and my therapist can discuss that later if you’d like); and you can double […]

Hot New Music – Yeasayer – Fragrant World – Album Review

  The opposite of love is not hate but rather indifference. Arguable, right? I will say this, when a lot of people start loving an indie band, I’m often dubious, and doesn’t really good indie take a while to seep into your pores?  How can someone love a band that’s trying to be different right […]

Hot New Music: Dirty Projectors – Swing Low Magellan – Album Review

Ambition. It’s what killed Caesar.  Some have even called it ugly. However, rock music’s very best bands have always had it in spades. Face it, some acts come and go and are very happy to make easy-to-like music. There’s nothing wrong with that, dare I say — we need it? Music listeners can’t always be […]