Best New Indie Songs of June 2019

best new indie songs of june

Every month our editor listens to 100s and / or 1000s of songs from a variety of lesser-known acts and indie bands to create our Best New Indie Songs of the Month Spotify playlist. Spanning the best music from all genres including r&b, punk, hip hop, electronic, folk, alt rock, shoegaze, garage rock and more — if you love discovering new music from artists you don’t normally hear on corporate radio, then our monthly playlist is for you!


For the month of June, we have our biggest and best playlist featuring 100+ new song releases from June. Stream the playlist below and give it a follow! We update the playlist every day as new music get sent to us!

If you’d like to submit your or your artist’s new song for playlist consideration, you can do so here. To learn more about our monthly playlist and how it can benefit your band / artist, visit our playlist page.

Top 25 Best New Songs of June

Out of 100 amazing tracks, these are our top 25 favorite songs of June. Scroll own to stream the entire Spotify playlist in all its 100-song glory.

Top 100 New Songs of June

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