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Dead Gaze – Self Titled – Album Review

Dead Gaze aka Cole Furlow is a residing member of the Cats Purring Collective (D.I.Y. music/booking dude ranch featuring fellow artists Dent May, Bass Drum of Death, etc.), and has released tracks on various D.I.Y. labels (Group Tightener, Fire Talk, Clan Destine) since 2009. Things have finally come full circle and a compilation of the […]

Kisses – Kids in L.A. – Album Review

Los Angeles duo, Kisses (aka Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson) have released their sophomore album Kids in L.A. today, Tuesday May 14 (Cascine). The album’s clean, mature synth-pop sound really shines with British pop guru Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey, Sugababes) and Saint Etienne’s Pete Wiggs at the producing helm. Yet, the album still maintains a balance of […]

Savages band photos
Recommended: Savages – Silence Yourself – Album Review

Contrary to what you might have heard, Savages’ debut album, Silence Yourself is not a perfect record. However, this record might be something more exciting than a perfect record — a record that is both a screeching introduction and a solid foundation to build on. Great debut records are few and far between. Most bands have […]

Hot New Music: Team Ghost – Rituals – Album Review

Nicolas Fromageau who started M83 with Anthony Gonzalez, and was a major presence on the first two M83 albums, departed the group and later founded Team Ghost in 2009 in Paris. Their first two teaser EPs garnered them the attention of Crystal Castles, whom they toured with in the UK, but only now has the group really […]

Hot New Music: Wax Idols – Discipline & Desire – Album Review

Oakland four-piece Wax Idols are back with their sophomore album Discipline & Desire, released on Slumberland Records on March 26, 2013. Moving past the smorgasbord of punk filler off their first record, No Future (Hozac Records), they take the few post-punk highlights from it and run with them. This time around, the writing and recording […]

Hot New Music: Wild Belle – Isles – Album Review

Love and the pursuit of love is a great, constant journey for many but it’s never pain free. In addition to joy, there is also frustration and suffering that we experience when it comes to attempting to attain such deeply desired human bonds and relationships. Music serves as a primary vehicle in which these thoughts […]

Rhye – Woman – Album Review
Hot New Music: Rhye – Woman – Album Review

Straight up, the term “rock ‘n’ roll” means sex. Before Chuck Berry, Ike Turner and Little Richard, when someone said rock ‘n’ roll, they weren’t talking about music; they were talking about the deed. Early rock music was f#cking, and f#cking was rock music. And that’s exactly why parents and pastors alike were dead set against this […]

Iceage press photo by Kristian Embdal
Iceage – You’re Nothing – Album Review

Iceage is composed of four young lads from Copenhagen, Denmark—Jakob, Dan, Elias, and Johan. To some, they may be considered dark-hardcore-punk heartthrobs, but these guys know hot to shred despite being straight outta their teens and easy-on-the-eyes. Their first full-length album, New Brigade, garnered them the kind of attention that placed them at festivals such as Pitchfork […]

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Hot New Music: Feeding People – Island Universe – Album Review

You can’t really complain about the youth of today when they’re as badass as Feeding People. This So Cal band of merry youngsters was founded and fronted by 19-year-old Jessie Jones, and their sophomore album release Island Universe is a vigorous, sprinkled with psych, rock n’ roll revival to which I proudly proclaim, “amen!” A couple […]

Local Natives hummingbird album cover art
Are Local Natives the Next Fleetwood Mac?

    Remember the Ohio-based collective Pere Ubu?  How about NYC No Wave band DNA? Well those were some the best avant-garde bands of the late 70s.  Totally great, innovative rock bands, they pushed musical boundaries and made albums I still listen to today. Great, but difficult albums are an important part of rock; however, […]