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Wild Belle Echo Photos Review
Hot Band Alert: Wild Belle – Performing at the Echo Nov. 26, 2012

Chicago sibling-duo Wild Belle are making their way to Los Angeles, Echo Park to be exact with a headlining show at the Echo on Monday, Nov. 26. The breezy duo are easy on they eyes and even smoother on the soul. Composed of Natalie and Elliot Bergman, the band evoke that classic radiance of yesteryear with their  psychedelic-soul jams, blistering with […]

Vinyl Williams Lemniscate downlaod
Hot Band Alert: Vinyl Williams – Lemniscate – Album Review

Hot Band Alert: Vinyl Williams – Lemniscate – Album Review While the Los Angels-based Viny Williams, led by the 22-year-old Lionel Williams, offer some trippy motives — I prefer to let the sound speak for itself. Falling into the shoegaze and psyche pop genres, Vinyl Williams carves out a much more primal niche with their debut […]

Ultraísta at the Echoplex – Photos & Show Review – Oct. 19, 2012

Naturally, when we received word that Radiohead’s Nigel Godrich had a brand new project (Ultraísta) with Joey Waronker (Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, Beck) I was very excited. I was even more excited to learn that they recruited some fresh blood with the alluring vocals of  newbie, Laura Bettinson. Immediately, Ultraísta’s self-titled debut album was dripping with lively appeal […]

Hot Band Alert: People Get Ready

Brooklyn four-piece, People Get Ready are a group that envelop art and movement as much as they do music. New York’s famous art house, The Kitchen, served as the base from which the band got their start in 2009 and from there they spring-boarded into a unique collaboration where they welcome contemporary dance, art and music into […]

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Ultraísta new music
Hot Band Alert: Ultraísta at the Echoplex Oct. 19, 2012

  His production in the late 90s with Radiohead swelled some golden waves of sound, which led him to work with famed musicians Paul McCartney, Travis, Beck and many more. Heralded as a super-producer, Nigel Godrich is comin’ in hot with his new three-piece ensemble called Ultraísta. Spawned from a love of afrobeat, electronica and art, […]

Hot New Music: Dan Deacon – America – Album Review

 Make way for yet another electronic robot, Dan Deacon, hailing from murder capital USA, aka Baltimore, Maryland — is back with a playfully new symphony. Since 2003, Mr. Deacon has released a whopping eight albums, and while that bulk of musical material is impressive, possibly his greatest talent and the body of his reputation is […]

Opossom – Electric Hawaii – Album Review

There is something to be said about a band that purposefully misspells their name after the world’s most famous marsupial and then titles their first album Electric Hawaii.  Kody Nielson (Mint Chicks) and his new band Opossom tinker with the idea of oddities and pleasantries existing together.  Theirs is a sound much like the Today! […]

Outside Lands 2012
Outside Lands 2012 – Photo Gallery & Review

We ventured out of our Los Angles music bubble to return to San Francisco’s Outside Lands this past weekend. Aside from that long stretch from Lands End to Twin Peaks (that was not fun after three runs), the festival was primo. The weather was a refreshing getaway from the heatwave that was hitting L.A. and […]

Jonti album
Hot Producer Alert: Jonti – Sine & Moon – Album Review

Sydney-resident/Johannesburg-born/Stone’s Throw family member, Jonti (Jonti Danimals) — quietly released Sine & Moon — a very interesting kind of release with a cool story and we’re just catching up with it (released in May). Sine & Moon was never actually intended to be a full-length record, but a little mix he made for the label’s podcast series, recorded on […]

Teen Daze all of us together album
Teen Daze – All of Us, Together – Album Review

Teen Daze is the perfect name for a project that produces such ambient drool as that heard on  first album, All of us, Together. This young lad hailing from Vancouver brings all the established irony of our very hip generation of 90‘s kids-gone-hippie. When I first heard the name I expected some fun and dirty […]

rosenkopf album download
Hot Band Alet: RØSENKØPF – Self-Titled – Album Review

When the hippies all grew up, some people probably noticed that most psychedelic music went with them (not ALL of it, don’t bite my head off in the comments). Then the kids of the hippies remembered their parents’ old records…vaguely. So, amidst a cloud of smoke, some kids blended the old with the new. The […]

King Tuff New album listen
Hot New Music: King Tuff – Album Review

    Whether you want to label it freak-out garage fuzz or some kind of miscreant pinhead-cretin-pop, it’s obvious King Tuff has unlocked the formula for plain old good time rock-n-roll.  In the words of Henry Frankenstein, it’s moving, it’s alive — it’s aliive!! A self-proclaimed troll who calls his guitar Jazzy Jew, Kyle Thomas […]

Toro Y Moi – June 2009 – Album Review

Toro Y Moi was created by Chazwick Bundick (sounds like a stage name but it’s the real deal), an Americano lad from the Carolinas. Toro Y Moi has served up this collective of interesting real and live instrumentations and productions seem to be put together by unnatural forces with bad quantization but with a nice […]

Emily Well band photos white shirt
Emily Wells – Mama – Album Review

Emily Wells: She can play, she’s borderline super talented, she plays multiple instruments, writes her own songs, complete mastery over a very powerful yet very subtle voice—However, I think whether or not you like Wells’ music will definitely depend on your expectations. Emily Wells has been a Suzuki-method taught violinist. She has grown up as the most […]

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