25 Music Artists and Bands To Watch in 2023

Our next set of Artists and Bands to Watch in 2023 are a fiery bunch featuring Lambrini Girls, The Steens, Bella Rabbit, Stella Rose, and LUCI. Learn all about them below and stream their music.

Lambrini Girls

6. Lambrini Girls

Lambrini Girls are creating their own UK punk-rock Scene for the modern day

Across the Atlantic Ocean, punk rockers Lambrini Girls are blasting back to England’s anarchist 70s scene. Based in Brighton, England, the all-female trio, who’s music sounds reminiscent of early punk rock acts such as Crass, saw no other option but to start a riot on their unapologetic “Help Me I’m Gay.” With a title like that, it’s no surprise the lyrics are expressions of eccentricity and blunt observations that reflect the chaotic climate of today’s world. Apart from that, they’re set to continue blowing through concert roofs amid guitar shreds and strident screams at Great Escape Festival and 2000trees Festival in the summer of next year.

Check out their Linktree for tickets to both their festival slots and more.

iggy pop & the losers tour

7. The Steens

The Steens make rock ‘n roll with only one goal: blowing-out your speakers

From their first single, “What a Way to Die,” Orange County garage rock band The Steens established themselves as an abrasive act that demands your attention. The duo, fronted by brothers Elijah and Isaiah Steen, began releasing singles earlier in the year that quickly culminated in their debut project, Life One. A disarray of distorted sounds and fuzzy guitars fueling undeniable passion, the project demonstrated immediate talent and dedication to the band’s unrelenting energy. Complete with raspy vocals which feel just as utilized as the buzzsaw guitars, there’s no telling what might happen with the band on stage. No tour dates have been announced yet, but we imagine it’s only a matter of time before The Steens blaze through venue after venue.

You can check out their website for more information on future tour dates and new music.


8. Bella Rabbit

Bella Rabbit is pushing the boundaries of urbano and Latine music

Despite splitting from Universal Music Group earlier this year, LA singer-songwriter Bella Rabbit shows no signs of looking back. Bella proves that she can seamlessly jump from genre to genre in a unique brand of music characterized by English/Spanish lyrics, reggaeton beats, and electro-pop jams with some funk inflictions. Whether it’s on the bright and sunny Urbano single “Cariño” or the sensual “Malagueña,” she continues to push the envelope on what kind of music Latine artists can create. While she only has two singles so far, her relatively fast rise in popularity should set a precedent for success in future projects.

No tour dates yet, but be sure to check Bella Rabbit our on her website for info on tour dates and new music.

Sam Smith Tour poster
Stella Rose

9. Stella Rose

Stella Rose makes avant-garde music incomparable to anyone else

It’s not easy to go from an industrial noise-rock nightmare on “Muddled Man” to an ethereal folk daydream on “Angel,” but NYC-based Stella Rose, daughter of Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, does just that while making it all her own. Her voice draws your attention center stage in a conglomeration of varying inspirations that come together into something vaguely familiar and completely perturbing. For both songs, she’s giving it her all vocally and delivering performances best categorized by their dynamism. If that wasn’t an indication of her creativity, then her music videos are sure to prove that observation. “Muddled Man,” in particular, is a mix of Victorian-era clothing, A Clockwork Orange chaos, and a ghost haunting in a borderline epilepsy warning of a video. While that might be an odd combination, it serves as an example of Stella Rose carving a path for herself.

No tour dates as of now, but you can find out about potential tour dates on her Linktree.

Metallica tour 2023
LUCI by Ryon Odneal

10. LUCI

LUCI is a shooting star in an ever-evolving hip-hop scene

Limiting New York-based artist LUCI to just hip-hop feels like a crime, considering the chameleon operates at a level of creativity hard to pin down while unabashedly creating a unique take on music. The mix of operatic singing and hell-raising screaming matches remarkably with the siren-infest trap beats heard on “Gnarly” and “Ash & Dust.” Based on the two tracks, it might be safe to compare LUCI with someone like Yves Tumor, but her Juvenilia EP showed just what she’s capable of and then some. And if her appearance at Treefort Music Fest from March 22-26 of next year is anything like her eclectic music videos released thus far, then there’s no telling what LUCI might do next.

Check out LUCI’s Linktree for tickets to her festival dates and other music releases.